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Delivering at Brigham & Women's Hospital

Hi everyone!

I recently found out I was expecting and i'm thinking about delivering at Brighams.  Does anyone have any experiences there or comments?  I will be seing Dr.Kolbas...

Thanks for any input


Re: Delivering at Brigham & Women's Hospital

  • i had my dd there and LOVED it! there are so helpful and there is no such thing as a dumb question ( i had a lot of them) lol
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  • I had a wonderful experience there! ask for the 10th floor post partum

  • I'm delivering there too! I've heard really great things about them.
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  • Dr. Kolbas delivered my daughter via C section.

    I did not have a great experience.  I had been a NEOBGYN patient for more than 10 years and felt like such a number by the time my 9 months was up.  Dr. Monsein was my primary OBGYN but I saw them all.  They just turned out to be a baby factory to me.  They have no capacity for U/S at their office so you have to schlep over to longwood every time you need one and there is always a long wait. 

    I was measuring huge at 38wk so monsein decided to induce which I was fine with.  Problem is I had some complications and she took off for vacation while I was in labor, 18 hours total before Kolbas came in and said we had to do a C section.  I NEVER again saw monsein. not even for my 6 week pp checkup.

     I found B&W to be pretty run down.  The shower in my room had broken/missing tile in the shower.  The bed and TV were broken.  You have to pay for TV except for channel 5!   The parking is REALLY expensive, we spent a couple hundred between us and my family.

     I didnt think the nurses were very friendly, although the LC was amazing!  No one told me I could leave the maternity floor so after 5 days of my DD being in the nursery for jaundice and me crying in my room alone, I found out I could go to Au Bon Pain or something to get out of my room.   The classes for BFing, bathing etc.. are big (like 10 couples) and held inside the nursery so it's really cramped.  I had to stand up for the entire bathing class, no fun after a C section.

    All in all I would never do it again.  Our next baby is going to be born at Norwood Hosptial which is very close to my house and has gotten rave reviews on here (and the other boston board).  They have a pretty new maternity ward and it's a much smaller practice.

  • I had both my babies at the Brigham.  I also went through the infertility clinic with Dr. Fox.  My first baby had to to into the NICU and I have never felt more confident that my child was taken care of.  I went back to the Brigham even though it was a long drive when I had my second child. I would go there again with another pregnacy. Worcester would be my second choice.
  • Thanks so much for your input.  Being a fist time mommy I greatly appreciate it.


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