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Hey! FTM here. My OB/GYN delivers at Holy Redeemer. I don't know anything about them and reviews are so, so. Anyone have any experiences there? I think I'd prefer Lankenau, it's closer, better rep but I'm so comfortable with my GYN...

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  • di0607di0607 member
    Great experience x2. Very clean and nurses were awesome.
  • If you don't mind my asking, how were they with regards to medication? I'm leaning toward no pain meds and don't want anyone trying to persuade me otherwise, you know...
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  • Holy redeemer is awesome. Everyone is always so friendly there and will help you with anything
  • Had my son there. He came rather quickly so there was no time to prepare for me to come. I received a warm welcome from all the nurses and my Dr showed up just in time to deliver and he was amazing. Clean and friendly place and great staff in my experience :)
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