Okay so I know I'll probably get a lot of backlash... — The Bump
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Okay so I know I'll probably get a lot of backlash...

I have many names on my list and I truly have no idea yet but one name I love is....


Go ahead and be honest!

Re: Okay so I know I'll probably get a lot of backlash...

  • No it is on my list too. I really like it.
  • I actually kinda like it. It's pretty and different but not weird. Do you any MN ideas?
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  • For middle name I am thinking Reyan. I love the middle name Rayne, but Meadow Rayne sounds a bit hippy and a bit like an air freshner, so I thought reyan was cute. I'm glad people like it, I love this name! Have yet to find many who do though.
  • I would never use it but I think it's really pretty.

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  • i like it.

    i'm not a sopranos fan- but do like that the character's name was after the meadowlands in NJ (i live in NJ)

  • Lol Meadow Rayne does sound like air freshener (or laundry detergent)

    IMO it might work better with a more classic or simple middle name

  • I'm a fan of nature names, but that one's a little out there for me.  It's too close to Field or Stream or Plant or Tree.  Somehow Willow, Autumn, Dawn etc, are more appealing to me.

    Here is a website with "hippy" names :)  Some good ones there!



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  • I like the name! I would also say to go with a more common mn, just in case she doesnt like it later she could go by her mn.
  • Meadow is really cute!  I agree with the pp about choosing a more common middle name though.
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  • I think it is cute for a little kid, but I can't picture it on a grown-up. For some reason, I can't picture a lawyer or accountant named Meadow.
  • I have also before been told it sounds like a stripper name....hmmm...
  • I love it too. I was on my list. I thought DH (a huge Soprano's fan) woudl love it. but he didn't
  • Sounds like a kid from a trailer park.  Probably because I knew a girl named Meadow who came for the trashiest of white trash families.  ::shudder::

  • Meadow Soprano.

    'Nuff said.

  • I wouldn't use it myself b/c I like really traditional names, but I do like it and think it is pretty.
  • You couldn't pay me to do that to a child...what will friends call her...Med?  I can already hear Club Med jokes being thrown around.  :(
  • Yeah, it's bad. Supreme Court Justice Meadow XXX? No.?
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  • It reminds me of Meadow Soprano....I'm not into it.
  • i had a friend in college named Meadow.  they did call her Med but she didn't mind.  she was a cute girl.  the name is not my style but it doesn't conjure up anything but a positive connotation for me, so i sort of like it.
  • I'm sorry, I just don't like it. To be brutally honest with you, if I met someone with that name my first (rude) thought would be, "what were her parents smoking?" I know that is awful to say but I normally only have that reaction with bad names like shadynasty, etc. Sorry!!!

  • i would think the same thing....what were her parents smoking. sorry. it reminds me of a girl i know named bunny sunshine. hippies for parents.
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  • I like Meadow! Not crazy about your mn choice.

    I think something more traditional would tone it down a little.

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  • that's hideous.
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