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One Up Both Up Question

We do OUBO pretty religiously, but what do you do if one baby gets up maybe only 2 hours after their last feed, and the other one is still sleeping? I've been getting both up even then because I feel if we don't, then the other baby will get up in less than an hour anyways (they tend to sleep for maybe 3 hours, max 4, between feeds). Is it worth it even if one of them may barely eat? Just wondering what other MoMs might do. :)
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Re: One Up Both Up Question

  • We do OUBU right now at almost 5 weeks.  One of them tends to wake up first every time, and we wake his brother up because he would be up an hour later if we didn't.
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  • We always did OUBU even if one baby woke early. We have only recently (about 3 months adjusted age) stopped OUBU as they are starting to sleep for 5-6 hr stretches.
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  • I did OUBU for a looooong time. Two hours in between feeds is pretty normal for itty-bitties. It means you get the least common denominator of sleep but at least you get a break in between feeds. I tandem also, so I'd be all uneven if I just fed one.

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  • I am so glad you asked this! My boys are 4 weeks old (baby b has only been home from NICU about 5 days) and we have been struggling with how to do this. It has been exhausting! And my inlaws are leaving in a day so I think we are going to need to implement waking up the sleeping baby better!

    I wanted to ask: we are formula feeding. How do you feed both at the same time? The NiCU told us not to use bouncy seats etc for our baby b for a few more weeks.
  • I made the mistake of not doing OUBO yesterday morning.  I paid for it when they tag teamed me ALL day.  

    My question- if you are consistently doing OUBO, how do you know if one twin is ready to skip a feeding/STTN?  I could see myself potentially messing with a good thing.
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