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Another transition post

So dd has slept in a rock n play swaddled since she had been home never transitioned her bc of reflux. Well now ivebeen working on getting her in the crib. She will sleep swaddled in her crib like normal hours. She will also sleep perfectly fine unswaddled in her r&p.

What should i keep doing to get her unswaddled in the crib? Keep putting her to bed unswaddled in r&p so she gets more used to unswaddled or in her crib swaddled so she gets used to the crib?

Hope my rambling makes sense :)

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Re: Another transition post

  • We don't swaddle because dude has hated it and broken free starting in the hospital. If your LO enjoys the swaddle and/or it's a "bed time" signal it might ease the transition. We started with some naps and just putting him in the crib with us hanging out with him in his room. It took about a week and he's been sleeping in his room about 2 weeks now. We started when he's was on the cusp of STTN so we wouldn't have regression when we transitioned him. GL! It was harder for me than him because I constantly worried I wouldn't hear him.
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  • She sleeps n there fine as long as she is swaddled

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  • Maybe try unswaddling her arms when in the crib to start and see how she does. If she's comfortable in the crib and it's just the swaddle that's the issue then I would start with that. Our DD sleeps in her crib all night with just her legs swaddled.
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