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Baby Weight Gain

My little lady isn't gaining weight. She weight 8.6 at birth. Then when she was 4 days old at her 1st appointment she was 7.16. Then at her 2 week appointment she was 7.15. Today she is 3 weeks old and we had to go in for a weight check and she was 8.0. I had just fed her about 15 minutes before her appointment. I've given her formula a few times. When I pump I usually get between 2-4oz. So I know I am making milk. I'm really trying to EBF but I haven't been able to since she isn't gaining. She isn't a fussy baby. I try to feed her every 3-4 hours or if she seems hungry I will feed her whenever. Last night she slept almost 7 hours. I didn't realize it until I woke up and saw the sun. She is a great sleeper and impossible to wake up. Sorry for the novel. I feel bad for her but I don't know if she's hungry. Any tips besides supplementing formula. Of course I will supplement if needed.

Re: Baby Weight Gain

  • What did your pediatrician say?
    My pediatrician had me feed LO every 2-3 hours during the day & wake him up every 3 hours overnight until he was over his birth weight. Doing that he gained a pound in a week.
    Keep track of when baby eats & set alarms to help remind you.
    You may want to share the feeding log with your doctor. Are they having you come in for weight checks?
    Good luck.
  • Ditto to the above. Talk to your pediatrician first, but Try more frequent feedings, even at night. At night if you do a feeding every 4 hours at least it is something. Just until she starts gaining and you've established supply.

    I usually try to do about 7 feedings during the day (every 2 hours to 2h 30m depending) and then see what happens at night.



  • Pretty much same thing as PPs have said... Wake her up to feed at least every 3 hours. My LO was a heavy sleeper too and difficult to wake up at first. Set an alarm, change her diaper first, get her nakie. Your body will produce enough warmth during breastfeeding. If she starts falling asleep while eating, tickle her feet and her hands. I also kind of pet her ears and her hair. I would also pull her head back a little to make it seem like I was taking away the boob and she very quickly sucks it back in.

    Check out the breastfeeding thread for tons of great tips, questions and answers if you are aiming to EBF.

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  • We are going through same issues and have been supplementing with BM in bottle and formula. DD was 7.6 at birth and is still only 7.1 at 12 days old. I am producing milk but at yesterday's LC appt we did a pre and post feed weigh and she only got half an ounce after 15 minutes of nursing. They think she's not strong enough to effectively nurse yet. I've also been pumping like a crazy woman so that way we know how much she's getting through a bottle. DD will not wake up to eat so we are having to set alarms. Good luck with your LO! Hoping we have a big weight gain at 2 week checkup tomorrow.
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