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Where to pump when back to work?

I work in an office that has no privacy.  I want to breast feed/pump but I am concerned with pumping at work.  The only real place I could get privacy is in the wash room, and I just don't think I would feel comfortable pumping in a semi public bathroom.  Just wondering what others in similar situations did!  Thanks!

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Re: Where to pump when back to work?

  • I locked the door to my classroom but I also used supply closets, field trips, my car, and bathrooms.  When I was in a public restroom at a teacher conference everyone kept commenting on the strange noise.  At the time I felt embarassed but now it's kinda funny.
  • I work in a cube, but there are "real" offices and I took over an empty one for pumping. I put a sign on the door that says "do not enter if door is shut." I also put a stuffed cow on the desk for my own amusement :)

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  • By law your job is to provide you with a private space to pump that is NOT a bathroom.  At my job I either use the client suite or an office.  I would pump in my car if necessary, but my job is aware of the laws.  You should speak with HR or your boss.

  • I either go in to one of our conference rooms with a sign on the door or an empty office. I would ask if there was some where else you could go rather than the bathroom, you can't really relax and there's not really a place to sit.

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  • Definitely talk to your workplace about it--HR or your boss or an office manager.  I'm lucky enough to have an office, but I know other people have used conference rooms or empty offices.  There's no way that I'd pump in the bathroom--it is not comfortable and the idea grosses me out.  Plus there's no way that I'm hanging out for hours a day in the bathroom!  As the pp said, they're required by law to provide you with a space. 

    Plus, if you have a hands-free bra, you could even get work done while you pump.  It always makes me laugh when I'm pumping while I'm on a conference call.  If they only knew!

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  • Anyone know of any federal law?  Doesn't look like Arizona has anything in the statutes.
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