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Please share your experience at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

My first doctor's appointment is just under 1.5 weeks away but I already know my doctor delivers at Methodist Willowbrook.  Please share your experience(s) there related to natural birth (non-medicated, little to no interventions), laboring (were you "allowed" to walk around, change positions, etc.), and anything else you find relevant.  I'm a FTM and my two closest friends have both had C-sections so I am relying on my research to prepare for the natural, vaginal birth that I think I want.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Please share your experience at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

  • pandadairpandadair member
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    I didn't end up with the natural birth I'd planned for, but I'd say my experience was... a'ight. It took them 50 minutes to find a portable telemetry unit so that I could walk around, and by then my contractions were so close together that I didn't want to. When I first got there and asked the nurse if I could get in the bath/shower, she looked at me like I was wanting to pretty up for delivery and told me I could shower in my recovery room. Have you looked into Nativity in The Woodlands? Or are you set on delivering at a hospital vs a birthing center? ETA: Oh, duh, you said that's where your doc delivers. Honestly, the rest if my gripes have to do with the doc that delivered me and not the hospital. The nurse I had post-delivery was great, so I guess it's just hit or miss. I don't want to make it sound awful, but I definitely didn't have the wonderful, supportive, all-natural experience I'd envisioned. But everyone made it out happy and healthy. The lactation consultants there are very helpful.

  • I just had a baby at Methodist Willowbrook and have nothing but wonderful things to say! I went into preterm labor so my experience is obviously a little different, however, every single nurse I had, as well as those my daughter had, were amazing!

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