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1st PP deployment

I'm navy and it's our first deployment with our son. I'm feeling guilty because I forget to write my DH, I use to write often now it's Luke one a week and no coms are killing me.

Any advice?

Playing single parent is hard shit.

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Re: 1st PP deployment

  • Even writing about something that isn't a huge deal can mean a lot to them. I would just tell my DH something like "hey, sorry not much new to report today, but just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you........" Something along those lines. That way even though you don't have a lot going in, they know you haven't forgotten about them ;-). And I would also try to NEVER complain about anything. I don't want DH worrying about me while he's deployed. He's got enough on his plate.

    Oh, send a lot of random pics in the mail so he can put them up. Emailing them them is nice, but they may not be able to print them out. It's so much more fun to actually carry around new pics.
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