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Tips for taking baby to the beach

My lil guy is 5mos now and will be 7mos when we go to the beach. Looking for tips on what to take, tips for the drive down (about a 10hr drive), etc. We are going to try and do the drive in two days. Also, has anyone rented baby items when they've vacationed?

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Re: Tips for taking baby to the beach

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    Agree with the baby powder so much easier to get the sand off! We asked out pedi about tips too figuring he had heard it all and he said to be careful of the reflection off the sand baby can get burned in the shade so we just kept him in the lounge chair most of the time. The pool was used much more than the beach he loved the water. The hotel had pack and play, high chairs and pretty much anything you need so didn't rent anything other than chairs and umbrellas on the beach. Good luck and have fun!!!
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  • We just got back from the beach and our DS is 7 months old. It was about an 8 hr drive and he did great. We had a full car so I sat in the back with him to help keep him occupied. I took a few of his favorite toys and some snacks. For the beach itself - We took our jogging stroller and I'm so glad we did. The beach was very wide and took a while to get to the water so I'm glad we had it. I never would have been able to carry him and all of his stuff that far. Once he got crabby at nap time I just put him in the stroller and went for a little walk by the water and he was out. It was so nice. DH was sure to hose it off every evening to get the sand/salt out of the wheels and everything. We also had a Coleman sun tent. I'm not sure if that's what it's called but it's pretty much just a half of a tent that's pretty big. He was able to sit in there and play and it was big enough that DH and I could sit under it too. He loved the sand and waves, but if your baby doesn't, I'd recommend a tent like we had or something like it. When he wasn't under the tent, he was under an umbrella. We put him in a swim diaper, trunks, and a rash guard shirt. We're going on another vacation over Labor Day and I plan to do exactly what we did last week.


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