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Anyone else taking progesterone? xpost from pregnant after loss.

I'm 8w3d. I've had a previous Mc, so this time my Dr put me on progesterone pills from week 7 to week 12. These pills have made my pregnancy symtoms so strong that I'm afraid I won't be able to tell if I Mc and have a loss of symptoms. I've had very strong nausea for a couple weeks now, but idk if it's from the pills or my pregnancy. When I miscarried last time I didn't have cramps or bleeding for weeks after the baby died, but the loss of symptoms happened very quickly. My first appointment is August 11, all they've done for me so far was draw blood. I'm just scared and needed to vent. Thanks for listening. :(

Re: Anyone else taking progesterone? xpost from pregnant after loss.

  • I'm on progesterone as well. I do the injections 2x a week, and use suppositories. My body makes next to no progesterone on it's own, so I'm on pins and needles! I'll be 6w tomorrow and am just starting to have symptoms. I have my levels (progesterone and HCG) tested every Monday. I also have my 1st u/s and appt. tomorrow because I'm high risk. With my first child, I think my first appt. wasn't until 8 or 9 weeks.

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  • Good luck, I can't wait to hear an update!
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  • I would love to hear about your experience with a midwife, I feel very disconnected with my OB. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you too ;)
  • I am on progesterone & baby aspirin. I did that with my first baby after ectopic & regular MC & it worked! In Jan, I was on the hormones & getting blood work done 2x/week and my levels were good and then at my 8 week ultrasound, it wasn't viable & we checked my blood work again & the levels were way low. SO my point bring, be persistent about getting blood draws if you are nervous but even still, it can really work wonders if it's a good pregnancy to start! I'm on it again, had my first ultrasound last Tuesday & everything looks great! It's nerve wracking but your body will show signs eventually in blood work or ultrasound so do what you can & be open to your dr about what you want!
  • I'm on progesterone, baby aspirin, and estrogen patches due to IF. This is the second post that I've read about progesterone possibly masking m/c symptoms. I'm not really having any symptoms anyways (currently 7 weeks), but I had never heard that before.
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    I'm also on progesterone injections due to this being a frozen transfer. This is my 3rd pregnancy (ivf & frozen transfer), i miscarried the first two and was on progesterone with both of them. The only symptom i'm having from the progesterone is indigestion. I completely understand the fear of not knowing what's going on. If you need to talk I'm here
  • Everyone is so nice and thoughtful, I want to cry with appreciation
  • I've been on progesterone since 2DPIUI because of IF and chronic low progesterone. Thinking of you.
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  • I'm on progesterone gel every night for two weeks now. I'm almost 8 weeks, I was on it with my first pregnancy till 16 weeks. I wasn't on it my last pregnancy and m/c at 6 weeks. I'm super paranoid this time around. At the first u/s it was too early and we only saw a spec that was the start of a sac, my next appt is on 8/6 and we are praying for a strong heartbeat. I hope all you ladies have healthy pregnancies that bring happy and healthy babies
  • I'm in the same boat as you. Super nervous for my ultrasound tomorrow! :(
  • I'm on progestrone too and lost some symptoms. My doctor said that's normal. Progestrone lowers pregnancy symptoms. Blood work and USG, would show if there is something wrong
  • I'm on injectable progesterone daily. And 3xday suppositories. I am convinced it is making my symptoms worse.
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  • MrsT11MrsT11 member
    I have been on progesterone suppositories since 2days post iui due to low progesterone on two other failed iui's. I am 8weeks 6 days and scheduled to get off the suppositories at the beginning of week 10. Is it crazy that as much as I want off, I'm scared. Especially since I have read that the placenta isn't fully formed and functioning until week 12-14? Anyone else have this experience and can offer some suggestions or at least their experience? I am also nervous that by discontinuing I will lose some of my pregnancy symptoms....
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