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Pregnant after 35

When did you announce your pregnancy?

With my first I was 33 and everyone basically knew when I was 2.2 seconds pregnant.  I really had no consideration for complications or any real concerns. 

Now at 38 and 12.5 weeks I'm still hesitant to announce.

Being AMA, when did you announce? And what made you feel comfortable with announcing?

(I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I did scan through posts and didn't see it).
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Re: When did you announce your pregnancy?

  • I'm 12 weeks 1 day today and we still haven't announced to anyone outside of immediate family. We're thinking about announcing next weekend, but part of me wants to wait till after my next Dr appointment the first week of August. 
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  • This will be our 4th child. This time around we announced after our first dr visit at 8wks. We've had a miscarriage with our our very first pregnancy so we knew that if it happened this time we'd have a huge support group again.
    And I am 14 weeks now and you can already tell as I am starting to show. Nice little bump going on.
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  • I told my boss, my mom, one sister, and my husband's brother at around 8 weeks.  (I only told my boss because he was worried about me and why I had doc appointments 3 weeks in a row.)  I waited until a few weeks into my second trimester to tell everyone else -- but I figured if I didn't there'd be lots of talk about me putting on weight.  :)

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  • We've been trickling our news since we found out.  As soon as we found out (<5W), we told both sets of parents and one close friend each.  Since then, I've told one sibling.  After my first appt at around 9 weeks, we'll tell all the siblings+spouses.  And we plan on telling remaining friends at 12 weeks.  While I understand that you may not want people like your neighbors or your second cousin to know all your problems, I think I would appreciate all the support & sympathy I could get if something were to go wrong.

    Funny story: I have a friend who was pregnant and decided not to tell and thought that people would figure it out once she began to show.  I thought she had gained weight and thought she would feel hurt if I said anything, so I didn't.  One day, I get an SMS saying she has given birth.  I was shocked!
  • We told immediate family soon after we found out with both (I'd say 5ish weeks).  With our first, we did a public announcement on facebook around 20 or 21 weeks.  We still haven't made a public announcement with our second and I'm over 28 weeks now.  We're excited and have been telling friends and other important people as we have contact with them- I guess the allure of a big public announcement hasn't been there this time around (and I'm looking for a job so that plays into in the back of my mind).  I'm thinking about posting a picture with the caption "oops I ate a watermelon" once I have a new job, which hopefully will be in the next week or two.
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    We told our parents on both sides and closest friends who are our neighbors when my NT scan proved good. That was around 13w.

    Then we did a small, impromptou gender reveal for a larger group of friends during our 4th of July cookout, that was at 19w.

    I haven't made any facebook announcements to the rest of the people we know or anything.
    And my DH hasn't told anybody at work yet.

    I'm kind of enjoying having a little secret I guess.

    With my 1st we told parents after NT scan as well and then around 4 months I posted on FB. We haven't had any losses or anything, I guess I like to keep things private.
  • I am AMA and PgAL, so I was incredibly hesitant to announce. We told immediate family and four very close friends at about 7 weeks, after the first u/s showed a heartbeat. We told another group of close friends at 12 weeks, and then we shared it on FB at 19.5 weeks after a good anatomy scan. 

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    My boss, close friends and our family knew right away since they knew when we did our transfer. I've let it slip to some others.

    I'm 9 weeks and was planning on something for fb around 12 wks. Not sure. I'm so excited not sure I can wait longer! Everyone is different. Of course MH can care less about fb but the people I'm friends with will be excited for me...and well...some will be totally shocked especially that I will be close to 47 when baby comes :) I really hate seeing those numbers lol

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  • We told our parents at 10 weeks, siblings at 11 1/2 weeks and starting the end of last week have started telling close friends.  We will give our families the green light to share, and will share with extended family, after our appt at 15 weeks.  (we also told my best friend at 5 weeks - but only because she was visiting for several days and I was starting to get nauseous / tired, was not drinking or eating sushi - and she has 2 and knows what we have gone through)

    I don't think we will do a FB post.  I actually 'locked' my FB account so no one can post to my wall - would hate to have a close friend or extended family find out that way.  I am sure eventually there will be a picture posted where I am visibly pregnant, but hoping by then we will be at 20 - 25 weeks so only the 'acquaintances' on there will be surprised.
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  • I'm having my baby next week and I still haven't officially announced. If I have seen you in the last 3 or 4 months then you know, but other than that, you probably don't. We were extra cautious this time because I had a loss last year and by the time I felt really comfortable about the pregnancy (about halfway through), I just didn't see the need. Did the whole facebook thing for my first and I guess the novelty has just worn off..

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  • I am 6 weeks and showing (this is my 5th), so people are starting to talk. I haven't announced to the public yet. I like to wait to the 12 week mark
  • I told my two closest friends immediately, because I knew I could un-tell them if things went south, and they would be supportive. My in-laws figured it out around 13 weeks, but they aren't happy I am pregnant, so I do not ever discuss pregnancy related things with them (I try not to talk to them period--my husband is the main point of contact there). I told my job at 24 weeks, because I look pretty pregnant and couldn't not say anything anymore. Still haven't announced on Facebook yet. But I probably will within the next few weeks. 

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  • Mom, sister right away! His parents at 13,weeks waited for heart scan.(his mom loss DH's brother at 6 months heart defect , we wait to ease her mind:(..)...girls on here...right away! :D...will announce here probably in a week on fb so DH's family in Albania knows!
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  • Wow.. that's pretty awful RE:in-laws @ProcessofBecoming (( Hugs ))  Glad you have other people to share your joy with.
  • Told a couple people but not really telling anyone at least until after my first ultrasound where I find out everything is ok. and @Angeliquerose I am in the same boat! 5th baby and clothes are already tight! The next week and a half might be interesting LOL
  • 8 weeks to immediate family, 12+ weeks to close relatives/friends/work. I'll probably "announce" on FB after LO arrives by posting pictures. I hate being the center of attention so I avoid making formal announcements whenever possible.
  • We told our immediate family around 10-12 weeks. Then we told our close friends right after. I didn't tell my work until I was 5 months along. About a week later we announced on FB.  
  • I'm almost seven weeks and I haven't told *anyone* IRL. I lost three pregnancies in 2013, and DH did not handle it well, so I haven't even told him yet. I'll tell him in the next few days, so he can come to my first OB appointment with me. I'll probably start telling other people around three months. It has been interesting for me to keep this secret to myself for the last three weeks!
  • I'm 4.5 weeks now. We've had a couple chemical pregnancies just a day shy of 5 weeks, so we won't tell ANYONE until we get past that mark. Then we'll tell parents and my boss. (I'm the only person in my department, so they need to start looking for help ASAP).

    With DS, I was vomiting and looked like death by 6 weeks, so everyone at work knew something was wrong. I really couldn't hide it much longer than that. I assume this one will be the same, but will be happy if it isn't! (Even as I type this, I am trying to figure out how to explain why I feel so crappy today. I think the next 10 weeks will be pretty much like the first baby).

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  • I have told my sister, 2 BFF's and one of my coworkers that I am very close to. DH is out of town so I will tell him on Friday when he comes home. We told close family and friends immediately the last time and had a mmc just after the first u/s so we are going to wait at least until after the genetic testing and second u/s to make sure the pregnancy is viable before telling even our parents. I am sure my hubby won't like that but that is the decision I have made for now anyway ;)

  • We told our parents right away, then DH told some of his kids without me (grrr). Told bro in person when visiting and sis over phone same time. Told extended family after u/s at a big family get together, PGAL so wanted all the prayers we could get. Told work at 13 weeks... I am in an ER and need to not be exposed to some stuff.... Still not sure about FB announcement. That was our timeline, with friends scattered in as they asked or contacted me. So far, so good!

    Everyone has their own comfort level, GL!
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  • We told our parents and very close friends around 9 weeks. Extended family we told this past week, 13 weeks.
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  • I have told my sister, 2 BFF's and one of my coworkers that I am very close to. DH is out of town so I will tell him on Friday when he comes home. We told close family and friends immediately the last time and had a mmc just after the first u/s so we are going to wait at least until after the genetic testing and second u/s to make sure the pregnancy is viable before telling even our parents. I am sure my hubby won't like that but that is the decision I have made for now anyway ;)
    Well, my hubby broke down and told my sister and bil over the weekend. I told him he was an a**hole for doing it and he said it wasn't fair for one sister to know and the other not to. Everyone else will have to wait until the second us and genetic testing - and yes we will know the sex once the genetic testing is completed :)

  • I'm a lot like PP, nervous about announcing (also b/c of a loss last year), we've told a few people though -- our parents, my brother, very close friends, but I guess we're waiting to get over that second trimester hump before officially announcing. We've had 2 great ultrasounds, so I get totally reassured, but then I would love it if we could have an U/S every week! I am excited to tell people though, so hopefully I can hold out for a few more weeks, it's makes everyone else not have to wait as long too! ;)

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