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Boy mom problems, funny

So while I was nursing LO in the middle of the night I felt my pj bottoms getting wet in the crotch. I quickly realize that he is peeing on me. I'm not sure how he managed to get his stream out of the diaper but thought it was kind of funny. Let's hear your funny stories of LO peeing on you...

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  • Oh my. Will does that all the time. Since he is always pointed down it sometimes goes right out the leg of his diaper. Of course it always has to happen while he's sitting on my lap at work.
  • Nope. My boys still haven't peed on me and the oldest is 20 months. Sorrynotsorry that I can't play your game. ;)

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  • DD has gotten us a couple times... I've been impressed how far she can pee. Last night, she was in her baby bath and as I was starting to fill it up, I look over and a huge stream of pee was going everywhere. She looked so please with herself!
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    I have started just taking off my shirt entirely because I get peed on so much in that position.
  • One night I picked up lo for the middle of the night feed an she felt kinda moist on her tummy I thought maybe she was sweating (I only have a night light in there) I nursed her belly to belly and then between breasts I went to change her cause I could smell poo by this time. Well turns out the moistness was poop!!! Poo was all over the place at this was horrible at 4 am I made my hubby get up to help. Never been peed on though, but I consider this much worse.
  • I was walking around the yard with lo and I suddenly felt hot...I look down and somehow he had peed out the leg of his diaper all down the front of my shirt. didn't even get his diaper wet. weirdest pee ever!

    Lo pees in the bathtub all the time. I just laugh and tease him about 'peeing in the pool'. Lo seems very proud of himself!

    SIL was changing Lo and the minute she took his diaper off he started peeing! I had to wipe down the floor, the wall, the back of the changing table, and her. haha!

    The worst/saddest pee was when we first brought LO home and were learning all the tricks to changing a little boy's diaper. DH started changing him and lo peed on his own chest, up his neck, all over his face, in his own eyes, and it pooled under his head! lo didn't seem nearly as upset about it as we were. I felt so bad!

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  • I still give LO sink baths because it's easier & he loves it. However I don't fill the sink up a ton due to his crazy kicking legs splashing water everywhere. Less water means his penis isn't covered with water & he's been known to fire hose the front of my shirt a time or 2. His stream clears the counter & always hits me right around the tummy waistline, lol. We just laugh & carry on with bath time. A day when I'm not covered in some sort of baby fluid is far & few between.
  • I forgot this one, but I might have mentioned it before. J peed on MH as soon as he was born. In case you're wondering the medical term for that per his discharge paperwork is "positive urine output on resuscitation".
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  • Not about pee, but this morning Audrey managed to get poop all the way up the back of her head, behind her ear. She got an unanticipated bath…
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  • Well since this thread and its responses took a slight turn...
    While the boys have never peed on me...DD certainly did. Frequently.
    Almost every MOTN diaper change. I'd have to change her sleeper and my nightgown/bra until she was at least 6 months old.
    She had several massive poops. One in particular was while visiting the ILs. She pooped and it immediately went everywhere. Me, the white leather couch I was sitting on, the carpet, there was a trail to the bathroom. She might as well have been naked for all the good her diaper and outfit did in containing it.

  • I've learned that Cam pees twice everytime he goes....and I've fallen for the "oop, he peed, he's safe to be naked" thing on more than one occasion now.

    This has been the scenario.....
    "Ah, he's peeing ::covers him up with anything handy/diaper/wipes:: OK kiddo, be free!!! Oh shit, he's peeing again!!!! ::just let's it happen bc I'm already soaked and have to clean everything around me::
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  • Welllll not exactly pee related, but a boy mom problem. My lo 'came to attention' as the doctor put it during his 4th month checkup when she was checking him out in that area haha
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  • Will peed on us for the first time yesterday. He is bandaged so he sticks straight out and sure enough, first diaper change he peed straight into the air. I think he was pleased with himself.
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