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S/O: How long do you think a closet nursing Mom can keep up with nursing while working?

So if someone closet nurses, how can they keep up their supply without pumping at work?  Justing wondering and I can understand why women closet nurse with how our culture views BFing.

Re: S/O: How long do you think a closet nursing Mom can keep up with nursing while working?

  • i've actually never heard of closet nursing and i personally don't understand why someone would do this. ?but i live in a pretty pro-BF area.?

    if someone does this, i would like to know why you do it? ?is it fear of being labeled at work that you are taking the ?"mommy path"?

  • Closet Nursing is usually when a mother decides to BF well into the toddler years.  To avoid social criticism a mother would 'closet nurse.'  I know a woman who even kept it from her husband.
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  • oh. ?that's kind of sad. ?i had no idea people did that. ?it's pretty common for people to BF toddlers in public here.
  • wow, that is really sad.  :(  but i suppose to avoid criticism/advice/harsh stares i can understand it.  and once you reach toddler-dom and only bf a couple times a day it wouldnt be too hard to hide i would think.
  • I no longer pump at work.  Dd drinks milk & water at daycare.  I tell people I'm still nursing if they ask.  I no longer nurse in public.  She nurses only a couple times a day anyway.
  • I would think that if your supply was well-established enough to be BFing past 18 or so months that you wouldn't need to pump during that 8-10 hours. Plus as we all know our bodies adapt to what our child needs. If your toddler only needs to nurse twice a day in the evenings, your body can do it.
  • I nursed DD1 for 6 weeks after I weened from my work pumpings.  I weened by choice not necessity.
  • I haven't nursed DD during the weekday day since she was 18 months.  I wouldn't call it closet nursing though since everyone knows I still nurse her.  I just don't do it in public anymore.  She is 31 months, so it's been over a year.
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  • I stopped pumping at work at 11.5 months.  DD stopped nursing at 22 months.  I think the last time she nursed in public was around 13 or 14 months.  Soon after she was only nursing 2-3 times a day and if we were out and she was distracted/playing/etc she wouldn't ask.  After about 13 months her primary nutrition was from table food.  Nursing was for supplemental nutrition and comfort.

    I never hid the fact that I was puming or nursing, but once we were no longer nursing in public and I wasn't pumping at work the topic really stopped coming up with almost everyone.

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