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Anyone feeling any movement yet? If so how far along are you?
I am 16 weeks and think I feel some
Movement but I can't be sure. I'm a STM.
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Re: Movement

  • i'm 15w tomorrow.  i've been feeling movement since 13w for sure, possibly a few days before that.  i'm also a STM.  with my first, i started feeling movement at 14.5w.
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  • I had a few days last week where I was unsure about what I felt. Today (15w2d) I know for a fact it was baby movement. Hubs says there's no way because he read that you don't feel it yet. I told him I know gas and I know baby. I'm also a STM.


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    I'm just about 17 weeks and yes I've started to feel movement. I'm a STM and I felt movement starting at about 15 weeks with both pregnancies.
  • I'm a FTM and started feeling movement at 15 weeksish (Im 16 weeks now and its becoming more and more frequent)
  • I'm feeling movement- I'll be 17 weeks tonorrow, started at 16 weeks. It's sporadic still- some days I feel nothing, some days I feel it several times.

    @mrsjoslyn16‌ - it may be different for everyone? It feels like butterflies to me... Like there's a butterfly flying around my stomach. Flutters.
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  • I've been feeling flutters since around 15w. I don't usually notice them during the day but when I'm relaxing at night I randomly feel little tickles.

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  • I haven't felt anything yet but my OB just told me to expect movement at any minute since this is my second.

    @megan81112‌ your H is wrong :P
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  • STM - I felt very sporadic movement since 15 weeks. I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow and it's really ramped up the past few days. For those asking what it feels like, it's a very faint rumble at this point, like a cross between gas and a tummy rumble like you're hungry. I can usually tell it's baby and not anything else because it's consistent for a few minutes and not just a one off [insert caveat that it's probably different for everyone].


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    Felt definite movement at 16 weeks 6 days. It's very light and can't be felt on the outside yet. 
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  • 16w2d today and still pretty much nothing. I felt DD and DS by this point, so it kind of worries me even though I'm still in the normal range to not feel anything quite yet.
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  • Im 12w3d and have been feeling him for a bit now this is my 4th and i know its him bc i got to watch him yesterday during my nt scan for almost two hours hes very active so i was feeling him move and watching it on the screen

  • Every once in a while I feel a weird, light "movement" but it's not consistent and it's really hard to detect. I have to be really still and sometimes I can only feel it if I put myself in a really uncomfortable position. 

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  • @TXUltraRunner‌ That exactly.

    I felt something for the first time yesterday when I put my foot up on a chair and leaned over to tie my shoe. A definite little flutter/tapping sensation. I spent the rest of the day trying to make it happen again. Lol.
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  • Yeah every so often I feel movement. It feels like thumping to me.
    I think I felt quite a bit last night while I was half sleeping half awake. Only on my left side.
    Idk, maybe I was dreaming though, but it was sucha real feeling.

  • I've felt a couple of taps here and there since about 14 weeks. Nothing consistent.
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  • I haven't felt anything yet but my OB just told me to expect movement at any minute since this is my second.

    @megan81112‌ your H is wrong :P

    This is his first so he's going "by the book." Haha

    If the weekly email doesn't tell him it's normal, he thinks I'm nuts. I told him "This ain't my first rodeo!"



  • I've been feeling what I think is movement since this past weekend (16w3d). It's very random and I only really feel it if I'm laying down not doing anything. I really can't wait for it to be more frequent and for DH to be able to feel!
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  • I've felt a couple things very faintly that may or may be baby. FTM, so I am not sure. Looking forward to that part of it though!

  • I'm feeling movement- I'll be 17 weeks tonorrow, started at 16 weeks. It's sporadic still- some days I feel nothing, some days I feel it several times. @mrsjoslyn16‌ - it may be different for everyone? It feels like butterflies to me... Like there's a butterfly flying around my stomach. Flutters.
    I was 17 weeks on Tuesday but I have felt random "thumps" or "flutters" the last week...but I just passed it off as stomach noises or gas??  Ha!  At my 13 week NT scan I was told my placenta is in the front so it might take longer to feel any I was thinking I would be in the 20-24 week boat....maybe not??  I just wasn't sure what the "first movements" really felt like.

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    I've been feeling little fluttery sensations since maybe 15 weeks or so. I'm 17 weeks today, and yesterday I felt something early in the morning while I was still half-asleep - sort of felt like a little squid squirming around inside me? In a nice way, not disgusting or anything, sorry for the imagery -- but it was pretty distinct!

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    I'm feeling some light nudges and flutters here and there... STM

    I think I was around 17 weeks when I started feeling DS in my first pregnancy....this one I think I felt very slight movements as early as 14-15w, but for sure am feeling some light nudges now... I'm 16w3d

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  • Since just before 13w, but it's rare. I feel like I'm being punched from the inside (wtf?)
    If this is legit baby movement ive been feeling it for the past 3 weeks.  It feels like something is rebounding off the walls of my uterus.  But .. I felt my first flutters last night as well.  Good to go either way!
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  • STM. I thought I was going crazy when I felt the flutters earlier this week. But last night while I was laying down, this kid was going non-stop! And then every now and then I get a good bump, almost like baby's running into the walls or something! Definitely not gas! I didn't feel anything with DD until probably around 17 weeks, but my OB said it's not unusual for STMs+ to feel movement a lot sooner than with their first.

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  • I am a FTM I am almost 17 weeks, I am very small and have only gained about 6 lbs but I have felt movement since about 13 weeks and it kind of feels like an alligator doing a death roll. Just something constantly rolling and spinning in my stomach (it doesn't hurt), you can actually watch my stomach move if I lay flat. I felt my first "kick" at 14 weeks and have only felt it once, that kind of felt like someone took a straw or pencil and poked my stomach from the inside.
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  • I'm 14 weeks and it is DEFINITELY not gas!
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