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asking here...

since we don't want to share with people IRL.  What do you think of these names?  We haven't decided for sure, but we are having a hard time coming up with names.

Girl:   Aveline (av-uh-lean) Celia 
Boy:  Eamon (a-min) James


* Edited to add pronunciations (as requested).  I am honestly surprised to find that it is difficult to figure out how to pronouce these names (and this has been noted).



Re: asking here...

  • Love the girl name. very pretty.

    Boy name not so much my style, but not awful.

  • They are different, but I like them...
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  • I don't know if I've heard either of your first names before.  Not really my style, but they sound nice (if I'm "saying" them right in my head).  :)
  • not common, so that's a plus.

    but not sure that I like them.

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  • How do u say them and then I will give my honest opinion.
  • Aveline - It's OK.  Reminds me of Avalon, which is neither good nor bad - just that it reminds me a place.

    Eamon - that's tough.  Be prepared for a lifetime of mispronunciations.  But at the same time I wouldn't suggest an alternate spelling, and it sounds fine. 

    I think both names are fine choices.



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  • I dont really like either one, sorry!
  • I was merely guessing my pronunciation the first time around. Although I'm still unsure if you're saying Aveline with a long A or a short one.


  • I like Aveline, but Eamon is nms.

    I think he will be constantly correcting people. I think 99% of people will pronounce it "Eee-mon" or just stare at it and ask how to say it.

    Love Aveline though!

  • Cute names, but I would have had NO idea how to say Eamon it if you didnt tell me...
  • I love Eamon - great Gaelic name :)  It's on the top of my list for boy names.  Unfortunately, the hubs has vetoed it. Sad day.

  • Aveline - def. tricky to pronounce.  As a teacher, I would definitely pronounce this wrong on the first day (I would probably say Av-uh-line)  Maybe spell it Avalene?  Avilene?  The more I write it, the more it starts to sound like Valvoline. . . (sorry!)

    Eamon - Much easier to pronounce.  NMS, but it's a nice name.

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