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Tell me about your thrush experience...

I have been experiencing nipple breast pain for weeks now.  In the beginning it was definately due to poor latch, but at some point it progressed to pain/burning between feedings.  I keep trying to wait it out hoping that it will just go away. 

I didn't think it could be thrush at first because some days the pain is virtually gone, though others it's unbearable.  That and it's much much worse in one breast.  A lactation consultant did have me start on Newman's ointment.  I've used it for one week, and haven't noticed much change. 

Anyone else have symtoms vary on a daily basis with thrush, and notice it being worse in one breast?  I need to do something different soon though, because I'm starting to have pain deep in my "bad breast" like it's moved from the nipple :(

What were your symptoms, and what treatment worked for you?

Re: Tell me about your thrush experience...

  • My symptoms- nipple pain, pain deeper in the breast even several hours after feeding, red color on nipple, unbearable pain when feeding.  Yes, some days were better than others, and one side was worse.

    DD's symptoms- red, raw spots in diaper area that would not clear up with regular diaper creams.

    We had it bad.  2 courses of Diflucan for me and Nystatin for her, with clotrimazole on her diaper area and my nipples 4x per day still didn't do it.  Finally, DD and I both took Diflucan for 14 days, plus the clotrimazole for about 3 weeks and it's gone. 

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  • We had a mild case of thrush.  For us, what worked was for me to gently wash myself off after each nursing with a mild water and white vinegar mix.  White distilled vinegar is inexpensive and antibacterial.  I used a mix of one cup water and 1 tablespoon white vinegar.  You can also add a few cups of vinegar to a bath, and that will help both you and baby, if a yeast rash has started yet.  I used the vinegar solution on me, and it helped a lot with my discomfort.  I also gently wiped out the inside of his mouth before nursing with a washcloth that I had dipped into that.  However, his thrush didn't completely disappear until he started eating yogurt.  That kicked it for good.


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  • My symptoms were the same as n&bcarlsons, DS didn't develop the diaper thrush though in our case.  The only thing that ended up working for us was Gentian Violet.  Its available at the drug store without a prescription.  Its messy but within 5 days both DS and I were clear.  I remember vividly nursing him while actively crying from the pain and none of the prescription meds worked.  Give it a try.  If your pharmacy doesn't have it in stock, they can order it for you w/o a prescription.  Good luck and stick with the BFing.  Its worth it!
  • I also used genetian violet and it stopped the pain almost immediately. Def give it a try.


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  • Wow - I am having the exact same problem as you - same symptoms and everything. DD has no symptoms so I'm still unsure if it's thrush or latch related. My OB called in a diflucan rx for me and I just finished that course, I didn't notice any change. However I haven't been 100% perfect with washing bras after every use, etc. so I don't know if maybe I re-infected myself. I want to try that gentian violet but I'm scared of how staining it is!
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