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What is this power pumping thing?

Re: What is this power pumping thing?

  • I did my first/only session yesterday. I did 20 minutes pumping, took a break for 10, pumped 10, break 10, pumped 10, etc. I did an hour total. Not sure what the recommended frequency of power pumping is... everyday? few times a week?
  • I do it every other day- really helps with supply uppage.
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  • I do it when I need a supply uppage too, as well as once every few days.  I've been doing 1 session these last few days (see earlier post), and it helps.  When I was home on mat leave and was working with a deficient supply, it helped me then too.  Even a mini power pump (pump 20, off 10, pump 10) helps.  It represents a cluster feed, which is part of why it helps.  Even if you do this and aren't getting anything that last 10 minute session, it will help down the road. 
  • thanks, I needed this info too !
  • Oh thank you for this info! I am an EP'er and stressed about keeping up with DS. (He drinks 4-6 ozs. every 3 hours or so.) I would just feel comforted by having oversupply and have the need to use my storage bags I bought weeks ago!! I will definitely be trying this today!
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