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Glucose test

So I did my test last Tuesday...still no that good or bad?? ?LOL...I know the holiday delayed stuff some...but shouldn't they have called by now? ?


I think I just wanna assume that no news is good this bad of me???


I also had an ultrasound last week and my little one...who was under sized a bit...has grown A LOT and is now measuring like 5 or 6 days ahead of my due date...WOW...Ultrasound was so cool this time...she yawned and yawned during it...totally adorable!!?

Re: Glucose test

  • I failed the one hour and heard back within 2 days. I didn't hear back about the 3 hour, I called and apparently I passed. I'd say you probably passed. Good luck!
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  • Sounds like you passed since you haven't been called.  My Dr said she doesn't call the ppl who pass their test.  Congrats to you!!  I wish I woulda had another u/s, but it looks like I won't get one.  Oh well, guess I can wait another couple of months to see this little guy.
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  • My doc also only calls if you fail... no word from them, so YAY!
  • Yeah, I broke down and called b/c if I needed to go back, I had to go this week before I go back to school...


    I passed! Soooo, no worries!?

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