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prescription prenatals?

Im new here...should i ask my dr. for a prescription for better prenatals or just keep taking one a day prenatals with DHA supp?

Re: prescription prenatals?

  • I used prescription prenatals but OTC ones are fine too, my prescription ones were cheaper than OTC ones so I went with those.


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  • I was taking one a day prenatals with DHA suppliments and also 3 benefiber with folic acid and b vitamins so I asked the dr if that was alright and she said it was fine.  They did give me some samples of prescription prenatals so I am taking them (they gave me enough for a month) to see if I notice any difference with expecta (DHA Suppliment) but if not, I will probably just go back to the one a day prenatals.
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  • My OB requested that I take the Rx ones, but she gave them to me for free so I didn't care.  The pharmacist said the only real difference was the amount of Folic Acid (1.0 in Rx vs .8 in OTC).  But, if you're taking another Folic Acid supp that would cover that.  My Rx ones did have extra B vitamins for the 1st tri to aid w/ nausea and something (not sure what) in the ones for 2nd and 3rd tri for constipation...
  • I just got my prescription ones today. Mine were free generic ones from Meijer, but they didn't have Expecta. Anybody know where I can find it?
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  • I don't know about Expecta. I've been taking prescription Vinate AZ since three months before BFP. My doctor recommended them over OTCs,  But I also didn't eat much meat before PG and have a tendency to be anemic, so maybe that's why?
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