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moving with a newborn

Hi ladies! I am a member of the August 14 board, but I thought I would ask your more military specific advice on this one, in addition to their feedback: 

My husband has finally received orders to move us from Fort Riley (Kansas) to Fort Benning (Georgia). We knew this was coming, and I am really excited for this move since we will be closer to family in NC, but now that it is getting closer, I am getting really nervous. My due date is August 30th, and our moving timeline is: Movers coming to pack September 11th, 12th, and 15th, picking up on the 16th, and us leaving to drive there (about 15 hours) on the 17th. 

Obviously, I am worried about things like going over my due date, but even if I deliver early or on time, moving preparations and driving halfway across the country with a brand new baby are terrifying. I worry that I could still be in pain and also how she will react in the car (truck actually, with me, hubby, and two dogs, towing my SUV). I assume we will be stopping every couple hours for me to nurse her and change her diaper. Has anyone else experienced this before? Any tips or advice?
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Re: moving with a newborn

  • No advice, but welcome to Benning and good luck with your move! I will say that we just went up to see my family in TN a couple weekends ago with a 3month old and two dogs, and the logistics of getting everyone fed and bathroom breaks and all that were hard. Just be patient and don't push it.
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    A baby that little will probably sleep a lot!  You will still be stopping a LOT for nursing and diaper changes.  Sometimes that first week we were nursing multiple times an hour, and it is so important to do that for your supply.  Listen to your baby, don't lock yourself into driving a lot every day.  You won't make it.

    Second the tons of water and snacks for you if BFing.

    Don't overdo it as far as packing/unpacking.

    As far as overdue, have a plan for someone (DH? Someone you trust?) to run your pack out if you go that late.

    Make sure your DH understands that he will be doing most (all!) of the driving.  I had a fairly uncomplicated vaginal birth and wasn't cleared to drive until two weeks PP.  This may also be an issue during packout time if you are going back and forth between home and tlf.

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