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Words of encouragement :)

Hi everyone!  I rarely post on here or reply, just due to being on my phone for most readings or time issues, but I was reading some conversations today and it got me thinking.  A few posts I read had some really judgmental and sometimes offensive replies and it made me kind of sad for moms who may think about posting on a topic but see how people can be when responding and decide not to based on that.  That being said, I just hope all you mamas out there remember that you're doing a great job...no matter how tough things may seem at times.  This is a season of life, and we all make it through.  So many moms were WONDERFUL parents in the past without things like the bump or other online information resources.  It's crazy how having information at our fingertips at all times can make us question our common sense.  You know your baby better than anyone else, so when something feels right in your gut, it probably is!  Think of all the parents that came before the books with all the different parenting techniques and diets we can put our kids (or ourselves) on...their kids (mostly :P) turned out just fine.  Chances are, these little decisions we make on a day to day basis aren't going to screw our kids up for life!  That's not to say I'm not thrilled with the advances we have been lucky enough to be around for, but I know, for me at least, if I pay more attention to how someone else tells me I should parent than how I feel, it drives me crazy.  Anyway, all of that was to say I really hope you guys are all enjoying this part of parenting, whether you're a first time mom, or have ten kids.  I KNOW it's stressful at times (or all the time!).  But we will all get through it just fine, and so will our kids.  Sit back, try to relax and enjoy these cute little babes!
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Re: Words of encouragement :)

  • Well said!
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  • What an odd thing to post, for someone who doesn't post a lot.   Is this in response to something specific?  

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  • Could not agree more, there are a lot of judegemental and rude people on these forums at times.  
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  • Not to anything specific...I was just reading one morning and a lot of posts seemed to have less than encouraging words in the replies and I thought maybe some mamas could use some kind words. :)  If you enjoyed it great, if it wasn't your thing, that's fine too.  :)
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