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Possibly the funniest name story ever...

this is an xp from 2nd tri... thought i'd share with you ladies :)

I've heard some awesome names (teaching inner city new orleans public schools was enough to make you LOL at the class rosters!).

A friend of mine had me rolling with this one..... her sister works @ Verizon- where you have to sign in and they call out your name when they are ready to help you.

said Verizon employee goes to call out the next name on the sign-in sheet.... and it says "Shadynasty".... so that's what she yells out, "SHADY NASTY" - thinking "wow- what a name!".

After yelling it out a few times- a very angry woman comes up and says "It is SHA-Dynasty!"

moral of the story. do not name your child "Shadynasty"

Re: Possibly the funniest name story ever...

  • hahaha lmao that is great. I don't think I could have apologized to the woman without laughing.
  • Sha-dynasty. LOL...just...LOL.
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  • OMG! LOL! I can't believe what parents do to their children!
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  • hilarious!   they should have known anything with the word nasty in it would be bad!
  • What the...

    the least mom could have done was put a - in there! Sheesh.

  • Holee shiit. That is one god-awful name.
  • Ha! that is hilarious!
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • i am surprised there is not a shadynasty in my school.  i have treasure and treasury (twins), ja rule, abubacar, jhonny, gossip and umm.  there have been worse graduates, including jayl bird.  one of my fiends had a nosmo king (she later foud out he was named for a sign in the hospital "no smoking") 
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