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Advice on what to buy before baby arrives.

Ok ladies your input is needed. :) I am almost 34 weeks. Hubby and I are trying to get everything purchased and organized to minimize the stress of what needs to be done once baby is born. The problem is I am feeling really overwhelmed about what it is exactly that we need to make sure we have. Aside from the obvious of a place for baby to sleep etc. ;) 

So my question to those of you who have been through this rodeo before what are the most important items i need for the first month after bringing our little girl home. 

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Re: Advice on what to buy before baby arrives.

  • I found Lucie's List really helpful: ( She also has a Newborn Must-haves list that is a really helpful:
    According to the author, those are the bare essentials - everything else can wait if need be!
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  • Very helpful! Thanks for sharing :)BabyFruit Ticker
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  • CaraHCaraH member
    For my first, I found I really used: her bed (we used a Moses basket), changing spot (in the first weeks a pad on the couch and one on the bed), a swing, more clothes than I expected and mostly the long nightgowns, a boppy, several lightweight muslin blankets, the hospital receiving blankets, her stroller, diapers, diaper cream, wipes, and gas drops. Buy the gas drops before you need them! I wouldn't buy bottles or formula, if you plan to bf. You will probably know at the hospital if you'll need them, and it's easy enough to pick up but a waste if you don't. Also, you will definitely get formula samples from everywhere.
  • With both I right away wanted the little mitts that go on baby's hands so they don't scratch themselves. At the hospital.
    A few of the nightgowns that open at the bottom. Way easier for diaper changes in the night. And some sleepers.
    Lots of baby wash cloths. I used them instead of wipes in the beginning. I had a place to do diaper changes on each floor of my house (c-section and didn't want to always have to go upstairs).
    Lanolin for nipples and breast pads.
    Receiving blankets

    I didn't use my baby swing but did use the bouncy seat a lot
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    Sleep and plays (one piece PJs) instead of gowns and other bothersome clothing. My DD lived in those for 3 months no joke.
    Several cotton hats
    Scatch mittens
    Swaddle (though your baby may not like them, mine never did)
    Couple blankets in different weights (muslin, cotton flannel, fleece)
    Several sheets for crib/bassinet
    Pacifier (again, mine didn't want it)
    Diaper cream
    Diaper pail and liners
    Baby tub, baby wash, lotion
    Hooded towel (nice to have)
    Saline solution
    Rubbing alcohol
    Cotton balls
    Grooming kit (Thermometer, Nail scissors, Soft hair brush, booger sucker)
    Bottles (yes get some for sure, you can always return later. IMO that's better than having to 'run out to get some' right after returning from hospital)
    Small sleeping arrangement for baby: basket, bassinet, pack n play, rock n play (for your bedroom and portable to take around the house)
    Nursing pillow if you plan to nurse
    Burp cloths (forget the cutesey ones and look for really absorbent ones - IMO cloth diapers are a super cheap and effective option)
    Dye and fragrance free laundry detergent (we use All)
    Baby monitor - I recommend a video one. (We have Motorola and LOVE it)

    I can't think of much else of the top of my head...
  • I am a FTM, but I have been told by other new moms that the bare-bones essentials are:
    Car seat
    A place for baby to sleep
    Several onesies
    Sleep sack or swaddlers
    Feeding supplies

    I have also had several moms tell me that the last-minute runs to the store for baby supplies are actually really welcome during those first few weeks.

    I had registered for those scratch mittens, but our baby safety class instructor told us they are a choking hazard. She recommended the onesies with the built-in mitts instead.

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  • The only thing I could add to these lists that I didn't see was the sponge insert for the the bath tubs. My newborns were so floppy and small that sponge really came in handy at bath time.  It kept them secure in their tub and was a soft surface to bath them. I still use it in the laundry sink for my 1YO (without the cumbersome tub) I think they come in shapes like a monkey or teddy bear and they have a built in thermometer to help gauge if the water is too hot!

    By the way, I only had the rock n play for DD#3 and I wish I had that for all three!  It was a life saver at night and she slept like a champ in that thing from a very early age.  I had her right next to my bed and in the morning would bring it out to the family room. It was way better than any swings or bouncy seats I had!


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    Wow you got really nice answers. I will add something that I found really helpful with my first. 

    - A sling: I love carrying the baby around with me, specially when they are just born. Read about the benefits of skin-to-skin during the first months :) I have the Boba Wrap and I love it.

    - This item that I find really helpful for peace of mind: Levana breathing monitor

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  • I think it really depends on what you think your parenting style will be- like do you plan to wear your baby, breastfeed, etc.  I broke my list into things that we couldn't have lived without and things that were nice to have, but you could survive without:

    Couldn't live without:
    • Mybreastfriend (if you are breastfeeding)
    • carseat and our jj cole cover (we live in a cold place and needed it right away)
    • bassinet
    • sleepers (I had to run to the store and buy a new more nb ones b/c our son was swimming in the 0-3)
    • diapers
    • burp cloths- 5 or so 
    • a diaper pail (I really like the diaper champ)
    • changing station- we had two- one on each level
    • play mat
    • blankets- big and thin enough to swaddle- 3-4 will do
    • somewhere to set the baby (bouncer, swing, rock and play, etc)- we had several seats throughout our house just to make things easier
    • Boba wrap
    • Large oval pads for the changing table (mine were made by boppy)- super awesome b/c they contain the mess, come in a pack of 3, and are easy to take off and wash.
    • Baby friendly detergent- I used Dreft.  I've had friends rave about the dye and fragrance free versions of tide, all, etc.

    Nice to have:
    • Glider/rocker- I bought ours used and we used it a lot for overnight feedings (I debated if it was a must have)
    • Swing- our son was totally indifferent about the one that we borrowed
    • Breast pump- I didn't use or need my double electric until I was ready to go back to work- I had a manual that I preferred to use until I needed to pump
    • Nursing cover- definitely nice to have, but some ladies prefer using a blanket or no cover
    • Stroller- depending on your lifestyle- you may or may not need/want one right away
    • Bottles and other feeding supplies- again, depends on how you plan to feed, but for an EBF baby, you won't need many or any until you are ready to introduce a bottle (if ever)
    • Boppy- I preferred mybreastfriend for nursing and used our boppy for tummy time and to prop LO up on the couch or bed
    • Bigger stuff like a high chair, exersaucer, etc- all will be nice to have once LO can sit up, but not needed during the first 3-6 mo.
    • Crib- we didn't even order one until LO was 4 mo old b/c we were able to use our bassinet until he was almost 6 mo.
    • Fancy crib bedding
    • monitor- we didn't buy one until LO was over 6 mo and sleeping in his room from time to time.  I decided to stick with an audio only and it has been just fine.
    I took my sister and mom with me when I registered and my sister was super helpful in helping me pick things that we would need v/s following the list the places like BRU (it's pages long and full of stuff that you won't need or use).  I also think that it is helpful to ask friends who have had babies recently for their top 5 or so baby items and why.  You'll start to see trends.

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