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Wanting a VBAC

Hello! So I'm not pregnant yet but I'm starting my research on having a VBAC. I was hoping to get your stories of what you went threw. Those of you who were successful, did you do anything different in this pregnancy than your last? Were your drs/midwives supportive of this? What obstacles were there for you?

I'm hoping to be pregnant in the next couple months and I want to try everything in my power for a VBAC. My cesarean was an awful experience that now that I look back on, it was done for convenience of the dr and not for medical reasons.

Thank you everyone!


Re: Wanting a VBAC

  • ark83ark83 member
    For me, I lost a lot of weight before I got pregnant again and stayed active. I had to fight for my right to VBAC though and wish I had had a better doctor in the beginning. I walked around much longer during the second and refused the epidural until I had to cave. I got my VBAC in the end and it went beautifully!
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