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XP - Name poll may be changing with -14 days left

So I freaked out about our name choice.  I am worried that it's a terrible thing to do to my daughter.

Rosalynne is our middle name - combo of my mom (Lynne) and DH's mom (Rosa) and that's set in stone.

This has been the hardest part of my entire pregnancy - I feel a huge burden to get it right!


Re: XP - Name poll may be changing with -14 days left

  • Why don't you wait until she's here and see how you feel then?

    It's hard to say about Sydney with your last name.  If it were Sydney Symon, for instance, that's sing-songy but not cruel.  If it's Sydney Syniski, well that would be a little worse. 

  • I really like Mira.  It was on our girl's list until DH vetoed it. 
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  • I like them both :) Sydney I like just a little more....
  • i like mira best mostly because all the sydneys i know i have bad history with. also i think mira will work better with your last name. HTH
  • I like them both. But just wait until you meet her to decide.
  • Since Rosalynne is so long I think a shorter first name goes better..voted for Mira
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  • If she's been Sydney for a month now, I'd stick with it :-)  I think it's fine!  I don't think it's too rhyme-y, although it would depend on how the rest of your last name sounded.  Maybe wait until you see her and see which she seems like!
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