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Middle name help...

I think we have our boy's name finally.  For a girl we are almost certain we will use Miriam but DH said the middle name is up to me.  I was thinking Jane but now I want to consider others.  I like old fashioned & religious (Saints/Biblical names).

My DD's are Catherine Wilhelmina (Winnie) & Caroline Therese (Tess)...

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Re: Middle name help...

  • Miriam is pretty. how about Miriam Sophia?
  • Sophia/Sophie is really popular right now.?





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  • How about Miriam Ruth and you can call her Ruthie.
  • Miriam Elisabeth

    Miriam Esther

    Miriam Hannah

    Miriam Naomi

    Miriam Ruth

    Miriam Sarah

    Miriam Rachel

  • Josephine, Jocelyn
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  • I really like Josephine with nn Joey
  • Grace, Elizabeth, Rachel
  • Grace

    Isabella - You could call her Bella.

  • Your daughters are beautiful!

    How about Miriam Leah or Miriam Estelle (you could call her Stella)..?

  • I LOVE your DD's names, and I like Miriam as well.

    For middle names, I like a few of the ones already listed, especially Ruth.  Here are some more biblical girl's names - there aren't a whole lot of them!

    Miriam Lydia

    Miriam Tabitha

    Miriam Tamar

    Miriam Eve

     Also, here are some that may not be biblical but ARE more old-fashioned:

    Miriam Estelle

    Miriam Genevieve

    Miriam Pauline

    Miriam Rose

    Miriam Grace 

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  • Miriam Grace

    Miriam Rebeca

  • I like Miriam Grace.

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