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10 month old waking all night

Help! My 10 month old son is waking up every 2 hours starting at about midnight. He falls asleep on his own when it is bedtime and will sleep fine from 7:30 to about midnight and then is up every couple of hours. Usually, I can give him his pacifier and blanket and he will fall back to sleep but sometimes it is a 45 minute fight to go back to sleep. We've tried a sound machine, fan, pillow in his crib, etc. and nothing is seeming to keep him asleep. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Re: 10 month old waking all night

  • Is this a recent development?  The usual suspects are:  teething, mental leaps, waking up and wanting to practice new motor skills
    Maybe it's a growth spurt and he's waking up thinking he's hungry, have you tried feeding him?  

    Sorry about this, those up/down nights are so brutal!  I hope it's just temporary for you.  Hang in there!
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  • RedDDDRedDDD
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    Agree with other PP, its usually teeth, wonder week/milestone, growth spurt etc....I found DD last night at about 11am crying in her crib and she was sitting up.  She sits up on her own all the time but it was the first time she has sat up in her crib all by herself so I think it was strange to her.  Have you tried just hitting him with the tylenol/advil?  
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  • Same as the other posters, there's probably a reason for it. There's generally a pretty tough wakeful phase around 9 months. DD1 hit it between 11-13 months, as she was figuring out the how mobile game. (She was a late bloomer.) DD2 hit it before 9 months, also right before she started with mobility. 
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  • I have no advice but wanted to share that I'm going through the same thing. I have tried the same techniques and nothing seems to work. My LO is 9 months and It started about a month ago when she started to become more mobile with crawling and standing up. It's hard for her to settle down because she just wants to stand and walk around in the crib. Fingers crossed that it's just a phase and it passes quickly.
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  • Azmom2Azmom2
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    My son, who was STTN recently started doing this as well. I'm guessing it's a regression that is common between 8-10mo. He's 10mo old and is going on 3 wks of this. Luckily it's only 1-2 wakings a night, but I'm holding out hope that it will be over soon. It did coincide with him having some separation anxiety and trying to walk on his own. He's super mobile and is always on the move. I just try to get him back to sleep any way I can when he does wake, but try not to do it the same way every night so I won't create some bad sleep associations. I used to be able to put him in his crib awake and he would fall asleep on his own within 10 minutes. Now he needs me in the room with him or he cries bloody murder. He still naps like a champ during the day so I'm just staying positive that this will pass. Good luck to you!
  • We are going through this now and have been for almost a month. I am thinking its a mix of teething and new skills. He is mobile by means of crawling but he just started standing unassisted and is most likely going to walk soon. He's also starting to say a few words- so I am praying its coming to an end.

    I am trying not to do anything different. I rock, I sing, I keep the room dark and I always change his diaper because it's always wet. I try and hold off on a bottle but when he doesn't settle and there constant throwing of his pacifier- I will give a bottle. I know everyone in RL not the bump says that they don't need middle of the night feedings at this stage- your LO might be having a growth spurt so I would feed if he won't settle. 

    Good luck! Hope you get some sleep soon!  
  • My son is doing it too. I agree it is most likey teeth.
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