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Does anyone know of a Mohel or service that works with Orange Regional Medical center or would travel to our home in Orange County. My partner is not Jewish and I am not practicing but do not want a doctor to circumcise my son. If anyone knows of someone in the area that would be extremely helpful. Thank you. 
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  • I don't know where in Orange County you are, but we had Cantor Sherman come to us in Monroe.  I don't know how far north he goes, though.  
    In case that url didn't show, just google "Cantor Sherman" and he's the first link.  He did a fabulous job--two pedis have checked out my son since as well visits and both commented how nice it was.  I know a few others who also used him.  

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  • We used rabbi yeshoua krohn.
    We highly recommend him I know a lot of ppl that used him. And I know he travels. I see u posted back in June I hope I'm not to late but good luck :)
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