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Egg allergy??

Wondering if anyone's LO had a similar experience.

My 8 month DS has had egg yolks 2-3x w/o issue, cooked egg x2 w/o issue, trialed scrambled eggs this issue on day 1, on day 2 about 5 hours after eating he had a few tiny bump above one eye and cheek on that side looked flushed.  Prior to that he had also been outside for half an hour.  He does have some seasonal allergies (or so I think, as he sometimes gets red eyes after being outside for awhile).  Not sure if this was an outside contact vs food allergy, we bathed him and the spots/redness completely cleared up (in total, he had it maybe 30 min).  The next day he had a cold (hoarse voice and cough, runny nose), however that is probably coincidence as he is in daycare and gets colds pretty often.  Now I am scared he has an egg allergy and I am not sure if I should lay off on eggs or try them again to know for sure.  No issues of egg allergy in family.

DS does have MPI, however has had no issues with other foods so far, including fish or wheat.  Any thoughts from others in similar situation?

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  • From experience with my son, he got a rash on his face within 1/2 hour of eating the eggs. Same as with his other food allergies. It appeared right away. Five hours later seems too long. Sounds more like it could've been from being outside or a coincidence. If you're concerned about it, I'd ask his pedi for reassurance.

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  • One of my boys had an egg allergy (which he actually *just* outgrew at 5.5). He would get little red bumps around his mouth within maybe 10 minutes of having a bite of egg. I'd say it might be worth trying eggs again a different day, food-challenge-style.
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  • Thanks ladies.  I think I will retry again in a couple of weeks.
  • My son has an egg allergy and a few minutes after he ate scrambled eggs she got hives and a rash all over his mouth and chin.  I'd say to wait a bit and try again, and keep him inside for a while after to make sure outside allergens don't interfere with your watching! :)  Good luck.  :)

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    Last week, I let LO eat some homemade noodles (made w/ eggs).  First day, no issues.  Second day, he got red cheeks while eating that completely went away within 5 minutes of finishing eating.  No other symptoms.  We had been out on a boat that day and at first I thought the red cheeks were a slight sunburn but like I said, it completely resolved within a few minutes.  No other symptoms at all, including fussiness.  He has had small amounts of baked eggs in meatloaf since then without issue, also has had egg yolk without issue.   I suspect some kind of allergy/sensitivity but so far it appears pretty mild and hopefully he outgrows it soon.  I plan to hold off on non-baked eggs for now and d/w Pediatrician at appt in 2 weeks. 


  • Another question for those of you that breastfeed and have babies with food allergies...

    With the milk protein allergy, he reacted to any dairy I ate...mainly GI issues, however also had eczema that completely cleared once I cut out all dairy.  However, I eat eggs all of the time and have never noticed any reaction from him when I do.

    Did your LO also have a reaction when you eat eggs and breastfeed?   I see casey78's LO does, curious about others?  Also wonder if those that react through breastmilk have a more significant allergy?

  • I gave DS cooked egg at ~9 mth. He didn't get hives but he had projectile vomiting. He took a nap and was difficult to wake. The pedi sent him for allergy testing because of this. He was also MSPI. He is allergic to egg (as well as other stuff) the allergist said for me to take all of his allergens out of my diet. I had never noticed an issue when I ate eggs.
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