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quitting pumping (xp)

It has become all-consuming and a source of way too much stress, guilt & anxiety.  I'm not actually quitting, just slowing it down for now.  Canceled an order for domperidone I placed this morning and am letting like 4+ hours pass b/w pumps.  I cannot be a slave to this machine any more!  DS will be 2 months on Friday and I know I'll be really done done in the next few weeks.  I'll still nurse him a couple a times a day & see what happens though.
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Re: quitting pumping (xp)

  • I think you should feel great about keeping it up as long as you did. I am only 3.5 weeks in and have come close to quitting a thousand times. If I can make it to 2 months, I will be thrilled. :) Good for you for making it this far and knowing when its time to quit - your sanity is far more important than anything else.
  • Pumping is very, very hard ... it is awesome that you made it past a month.  It's soo time consuming, particularly the first few months - if you have reached your wall, congratulate yourself for doing it all!!

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  • Oh, and I meant to add, that I also wanted to quit many times.  AND I have NO idea if I could do it again for a 2nd, it bfing didn't go as planned which was the case w/ my daughter.  I think about that all the time, wondering if I could or would go through this again.
  • You have to do what is going to work for you and for your family.  Be proud of how far you have gotten!!! 
  • You have to do what makes you happy.

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  • Hey - I was an EP'er for the first 2 months, then switched to breastfeeding. ?It was really hard at first, but it is possible. ?In fact, the babe latched so much better than she did when first born. If you can, see a good LC right away, and you might find you are able to breastfeed exclusively. ?Good luck!?

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