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trust your gut...UPDATE in OP

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Update: easiest just to copy and paste my text to family and friends, considering I'm mobile.....annnnnd a little drugged up! ;)

Doctors just came in. Baby looks great, mommy not so much. We will be delivering Brecken Wayne by c-section this evening. Once he is delivered, the condition I have (pre eclampsia) will go away, if we don't deliver we are putting me at a high risk for stroke and other neurological disorders. All of Breckens vital organs are developed and they feel very confident about him being delivered. Neonatal will be in to talk with us shortly, so we will know more about that then. Please continue to pray, and we will keep you updated as we can! Love to all!

It's been an exhausting 36 hours and I'm movie so I'm going to try and make this short and sweet and to the point (without too many spelling errors).....

Thursday morning I felt like I had seen decreased movement in baby, I also had been dealing with a headache that just wouldn't go away for about 4 days. Cash
Called my Dr office, went in for a non stress test, baby looked pretty good, mild contractions, but my blood pressure was 164/104....They sent me to labor and delivery where they monitored my bp ands chose to take further action. They started steroid shots for baby's lungs, started me on magnesium sulfate and narcotics for my headaches. The plan was to just monitor my bp and headache, baby was looking great.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon at 3pm. An ultrasound was ordered with maternal fetal medicine and the perinatologist (sp)...there was issues with the Doppler, the blood flow from the placenta, through the umbilical cord to the baby is abnormal and causing issues with babys growth. This is most likely due to my recent issues with high blood pressure. They're currently running labs and all signs are pointing to pre eclampsia. They did transfer me by ambulance to the university hospital, some of the best doctor's for mfm and neonatal, so I know we are in the best care possible! So now....we wait. Mom and baby are being closely monitored & our goal is to keep lil man growing big and strong as long as possible all while keeping mom healthy!

Thank goodness I trusted my gut to just be safe instead of sorry....the doctor's have shared the outcome for both baby and I could've been very bad had I not come in.

Please pass on thoughts and prayers for healthy baby and mama and great guidance for the medical staff involved! I will be on hospital bed rest until he's born at this point, so I will update as needed. TIA

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