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Hi, my DD has eczema from food so we are trying different food slowly. She is 14 months now. I know she's not allergic to dairy because she takes cow's milk, yogurt and cheese sticks fine. However, she might get a rash from chicken eggs. She also seems to get itchy after eating appels. I want to start trying bread/bagel type of food but all of the store brought ones have tons of ingredients. I'm wondering if anyone here have anything brand they've try that's okay? Thanks in advance.

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  • Usually the ones in the bakery area at the store have fewer ingredients. Has your LO had any allergy testing done? If she gets rashes from eggs, etc, I'd take her for testing.
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  • When my DS had an egg reaction the pedi sent him to the allergist. I think they take egg allergies seriously. There is bread in the freezer section of my grocery that has different allergens removed. I would look there. Good luck!
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    We did blood test around 6 months and allergy test (dots on back) around 8 months. Everything was negative. We plan on taking her around 18 months for another round of tests. Thanks for the advices. I will try the bakery and freezer.
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