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Any suggestions on peeling back?

While I completely understand that this is something I also need to see a doctor for, maybe some of you have seen this as well: My stepdaughter is living with us now, age 6. She has always had bad eczema, but I am wondering if it is made worse by allergies. She has peeling rashes that break out on her back and sides. It seems to get better sometimes, and then she will have another outbreak. I would any any all suggestions. We are struggling to get a doctor due to custody issues and legality, so we may have to wait a little while, but I would love to help her out in the meantime. Any thoughts?

Re: Any suggestions on peeling back?

  • It sounds somewhat like psoriasis.
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  • My ds eczema is more blistery and red irritated patches

    DH's had guttate psoriasis and it doesn't peel either but is raised and covered in a whitish flake spots (dime to quarter size) with red rings at the edges.

    His starts usually with stress and DS cycles... Usually 2 weeks outbreak 1 week gone. We take baths with sunflower oil which helps and he is on RX hydrozyzine which helps a ton as well as topical steriods
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  • Both my boys have eczema and it's never peeled.
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
  • Sounds like contact dermatitis. What kind of soap is used? Try a natural product like Kiss My Face olive oil soap or anything similar (short, natural ingredient list without fragrances and dyes). Same with shampoo, laundry stuff and lotions. It might help and cannot hurt. Whole Foods or a similar store will have lots of options.

  • My own eczema if left for long enough (which hasn't been since my pre-teen years when we FINALLY figured out my issues) used to peel because it was one big rash instead of many smaller bumps. I am allergic to formaldehyde which is in A LOT of clothing to make the colors brighter... if she is in new clothing from it being recent at your house etc. Try washing ALL of her clothing/bedding 5-10 times to get all the excess dye out. I know it seems like a pain but it may help!!!
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