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Looking for a BF chart that shows how many oz, how often etc...

I'm searching for some type of chart that will help guide me... I've just started pumping but I have no clue how many oz. my 5 week old should be eating per feeding... She is a slow nurser and usually nurses for about 20 minutes on each side. Yesterday I pumped 3 oz and she chugged it all in around 5 minutes, maybe less. She didn't spit it back up or anything. So I let her nurse bc she still seemed hungry.?

There has got to be some type of chart out there that will show me how many oz she should be eating per feeding, and how many feedings per day. Does anyone have a link? She's still nursing about every 3-3 1/2 hours during the day and will go 1 5 hr stretch at night?

Thanks for your help!!!! I'm going to try and get into the office on Friday and I want to be able to leave my mom with some bottles... ?


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Re: Looking for a BF chart that shows how many oz, how often etc...

  • That calculator is based on 25oz/day, and that sounds pretty low, at least for my DD.

    She got a bottle for the first time around 4 weeks and took 4oz.  She was also taking 4oz bottles when she started daycare at 3 months.

    At 5 weeks though she was nursing every 1-1 1/2 hours throughout the day and going maybe 4-5 hours at night.  That calculator says each feeding would be about 2oz.

    How long are you going to be gone?  8-9 hours?  I'd make sure you have the slowest nipples on the bottles and then leave 4-5 bottles with 3-4oz each.

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  • This one looks more accurate since it takes baby's weight into account.


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  • Babies love to suck so just because she took the whole bottle does not mean thats how much she needs. When babies nurse they can control the flow of milk so that when they want to comfort suck they take in less milk than when nursing to eat.
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  • when my daughter was that age, she took about 3 ounces and seemed satisifed.  If you think your baby might want a little more, increase it to 3.5 and see how that goes.  If your baby has eaten too much, a spit up will happen.  That is what my pedi always tells us, and what my mom's group nurse always tells us.  Plus, I've seemn it happen w/ my daughter.  And, My daughter often pushes the bottle away when she's had enough, and has been doing that since she was very young.  When she was new, I always referred to charts to try and see what she was "supposed to be" eating, because I was worried about underfeeding her.  So take the chart for what it's worth but don't be afraid to experiment w/ a little more, too.
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