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Any moms in warrington Pa?

Having my first baby , and moved to the area this year and don't know anyone. Looking to meet up with moms in a similar situation,or anyone that may know about any meet ups for moms around here  

Re: Any moms in warrington Pa?

  • Hi! I am really close to Warrington and also expecting!  Congrats to you!  There is a 'mom's" club within Doylestown.  I think its call Moms of Bucks County - but not positive.  I am expecting my first so I am also not completely aware of all the clubs and organizations around.  My sister is also local and just had her 2nd a week ago :) I am hoping to meet some new moms as well
  • Congrats!!  I'm close to Warrington as well but am unaware of any new mom groups, but if we post something on here, maybe we can start one! I'm also expecting my first at the end of July.

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  • BplusABplusA member
    Hi, everyone. I'm closeby, in Southampton, and due Dec 4th with my first. I'd love to know about any local moms groups too!
  • Ash1103Ash1103
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    Hi ladies! I live in holland/ churchville . It's only about 15 min from warrington. I'm due sept 9 with our little girl!!
  • I'm in Warminster and am still very early on with expecting our first- just had the BFP on Sunday and am just over 5 weeks along.  We moved out here 2 years ago for my husband's work, and still don't have many close friends in the area.  It's all so overwhelming right now, but I'd love to have people to meet up with nearby with babies around the same age.

  • I'm about 20 mins from warrington and also expecting my first.  I go to a prenatal yoga class in Yardley and there are a bunch of first time moms going. We are just starting to form a nice little community.

    we go to the prancing peacock yoga studio. I don't know if that is too far for you. 

  • Congratulations to you all! 

    I live in Warrington and have a six month old (my first). I am a member of a few moms groups in the area. is a good place to start. PM me if you want more info :)

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  • I am also expecting my first and currently living in Warrington but moving to North Wales soon! I would love to meet up also ..let  me know!


  • Hi there Alecia ..( sorry if I spelled wrong) congrats on your pregnancy! Allyson has been passing along information from you so thank you!  I wish I was just a little closer to Yardley and I could come to Yoga :( maybe Ill see u at some point over the summer..take care..


  • lol. Hi Elissa!  Small world isn't it?!
  • Hey everyone! I am in Lansdale, so not far from Warrington.  I have a 8 month old baby girl, she is my first.  Elissa you are moving like right next door to me haha.
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  • meetup sounds fun, theres tons of trendy places to go in Doylestown....
  • Vienna , lets meet up doylestown m all up for that I'm having this baby an day lol. Private message me if you wanna hang out
  • We should start our own meetup group for this area!  I'm in Warminster, married, 31 years old and due on September 16 with our first.  I checked out and they do have a mom's group in Doylestown but it is closed to new members and the Bucks County Mom's group has had my membership "pending" for months now.  There are also other local meetup groups but I don't fit into the groups (over 35, in their 20s, babies born late 2012 or early 2013 etc).  Let me know if you all want to start something :-)
  • Hi all! I am a FTM. Due August 28. My DH and I currently live in Abington but we are in the process of buying a home in Hatboro. Would love to meet some moms in the area!
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  • hey all, just had my baby boy at the end of july, would like to meet some new moms in the area, we should get something started....
  • Joining this late but FTM who just moved to Doylestown. We are expecting in July. I also work full time in Philly, early 30s, married and would love to meet other moms or moms to be in the area. Any advice is welcome!
  • Hello! So happy to see this post and responses, also pregnant for my first time. I live just north of Lambertville/New Hope now but hoping to relocate to Doylestown soon. I am a stay at home wife also looking to meet other pregnant/new moms!

  • Cass005Cass005
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    Hey Ladies! I'm in Willow Grove and would love to meet some other new mommies. Anyone near that area?

  • Hi all! I also just moved to Doylestown and just found out I'm pregnant, due Feb 2015. Not only would I like to meet some new moms in the area, I'd also like to get recommendations for an OB/GYN. Should I start a new thread for that since it's a little off-topic? 
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  • jmpattjmpatt
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    Hi ladies! I live in Horsham so really close to Warrington. I'm a FTM due in Feb and would love to meet other moms! Anyone interested in getting together let me know
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