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Belly Wrap/Abdominal binder?

Has anyone used a belly wrap (abdominal binder) after pregnancy to shrink their belly? If so, did you like it and use it? Did it help? What brand did you use? Is there a cheaper option that would work just as well? Many of them are pretty expensive. 

Re: Belly Wrap/Abdominal binder?

  • The hospital sent me home with an elastic binder, and it was really helpful for the first few days.  It did help my uterus to shrink, but more importantly it helped provide some support to my core because my muscles were shot (and I had a c/s).

    I used a Belly Bandit for another two weeks or so....and I wasn't a fan, but I guess it helped a little bit.  It was really uncomfortable, wouldn't stay in place, and was really bulky under clothing.  I had the "BFF" model which is supposed to be good for shorter people -- but I had to tighten it so much at the top to keep it from riding up that I had major muffin top over the top of it, and that made BFing difficult.  In general, sitting in the Belly Bandit was really uncomfortable, which is unfortunate because that's basically all you do for the first few weeks.
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    I used a regular abdominal binder from the hospital for the first week, then used a postpartum compression garment for the next three weeks (I forget the brand).  I do think it helps support your rectus abdominus muscles in place while they heal, which theoretically could prevent a diastasis.  It also just was nice support for my weak core!  You can always ask your OB to order you a binder while you're in the hospital- then it will be billed to your insurance.

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  • I researched this so much before I had my LO. I ended up buying a cheaper option-- the Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer from Wal-Mart. It was $5. I wore it a little at a time during the day. One day, I wore it ALL day in the heat. I developed hives all over my stomach. They itched like no other. I stopped after that! I also bought a belly bandit, but ended up returning it b/c I was afraid of getting hives. Just eat healthy, drink water, and nurse if you can! It's all the same! :)
  • I'm using a Wink belly wrap and it seems to be doing something. If nothing else, it helps support my back.
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    I used one to help support my scar and abdominal tissue after my cesarean.  I was able to move much more comfortably in it, and my scar had much less irritation because the pregnancy sag belly wasn't compressing down on it.  I don't know if it helped shrink my belly, but I don't know if anything would really after 3 pregnancies in 3 years.  
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