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Please help! Need opinions!

Hello everyone! I need some help! Last Sunday June 29th I tested positive and by Monday morning I had taken about 8 tests and all positive. I went in for blood work right away Monday and got the call that my test had came back negative -- the test where it strictly says yes or no. So they said they were going to use the rest of my sample to run a test where it would give my levels. They called back..levels were at 135.(positive) They asked me to come back in Wednesday morning and take another sample. I went in about 830am and the sample got tested at about 130pm so it sat until then. Well finally for the results and my levels dropped to 96! (Negative) I still don't have any bleeding and I've been taking urine tests and they're still positive. I go back in Monday for labs but this is stressing me out so bad. I need help! Someone please tell me their opinion! Good or bad I just need to know what going on and if it's happened to anyone else. Is there hope I'm still preggo? Thanks so much in advance!

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  • What levels are you referring to?  HCG (the pregnancy hormone) levels above 25 are considered pregnant.  So, either way it would it would how you were pregnant
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