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Loved the crying thread. Let's do smiles

Post a picture of your smiley baby and say what made them smile/ laugh

Ivy discovered her reflection!!
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Re: Loved the crying thread. Let's do smiles

  • Omg @KendraColeslaw‌ so freaking cute. Even superchunk, your little girl is the prettiest!
    [Deleted User]SoulTermination
  • cnbean said:

    He love it when I rub his lips with the burp cloth. Weird kid. 

    Mine too! That was how I got her very first smiles!

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  • I love naps!! And breaking out of this swaddle!!
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    DD on a recent trip to London. 3 yrs old.
    EDD 4/7/18
    MC 5/20/17 @8 wks
  • Ben loves Playing baby airplane
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