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Bedtime routine?

What's yours and how old are your littles?

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Re: Bedtime routine?

  • Our guys are 4 actually and really our bedtime routine has changed only on the margins since we started it around 8 or 9 weeks. We go upstairs and we take a bath or get washed up, used to have our bottles but are passed that, and then we'd read two stories to them while they sat in their bouncy seats, and then we'd turn the lights out and bounce their seats for a few minutes to get them drowsy and then put them in the crib. Now we just read with them in our lap and then put them in bed and shut out the light...eventually the fall asleep!
  • Our girls are 10 months and we've had the same routine more or less since 3 months. We go to the nursery about 45 mins before bedtime and play with them on the floor for a while with some lullabies on pandora. Then it's bath or wash up time, pajamas& sleep sacks. I put on the white noise and their vicks starry night light show and if I'm alone I feed them on the floor in their twin z pillow. If it's me and DH I'll feed one in the glider and he will feed the other on the pillow. Then it's in the crib with a kiss goodnight and their lovey.
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  • We do bath any where from 7:00-7:30, bottle, then bed. We even did it at my husbands parents house last night and just set them down for bed in their car seats, they slept the 1hr+ car ride home, got home by 9pm and transferred them to bed without incident! SO stoked.
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  • Mine will be 2 on the 13th.  Actual bedtime goes something like this...
    I say, time for bed, grab your blankie and let's go!  DD grabs her blankie and goes to their room.  DS just goes to their room.  If their door is closed, both say uh oh until I get there to open it.
    We go in and do diapers/pjs.  Each gets changed and put in their crib.  Usually while I'm changing DD, DS is climbing in and out of cribs.
    Once both are done and all their stuff is in the correct crib (since both like to throw each others stuff into each others cribs...), I get our bedtime book.  For the time being we only do 1 book.  They would keep me there forever if I did more than 1.  Once I can give them an actual number and they understand that number, I will do that.
    Once book is done, they both have to say...all done!  Then book time is over.
    Every night we do hugs and kisses.  I tell them to lie down with their blankets, which they do.  I then tell them that they did a good job that day (even if they were little pains in the butt lol), that I am proud of them and that I love them.  
    Then we have to do more kisses because DS can't let me leave without at least 4 kisses.  :-)
    We blow kisses to each other and I tell them again that I love them and that I will see them in the morning.  
    Shut the light, close the door.

    Sometimes they go right to sleep, which they did today.  Sometimes they talk and play and I'm sure DS is climbing in and out of cribs and then eventually they go to sleep in their own cribs.

    I have great sleepers.  This is done at 7:30 and they sleep until between 6:30 and 7:30 the next day.
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