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When to use a pacifier

When should I use one? I was going to hold off till he was a month old and use it only for sleep however I've been noticing that after a bottle of pumped milk he's never as mellow or sleepy as he is after the breast. He's only 2 1/2 weeks old but he'll take down a 2oz bottle and still want the breast ( although he's not doing much "good sucking/swallowing") should we use the pacifier after the bottle to simulate the cuddling/sucking he gets at the breast?

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    Are you breastfeeding as well or only pumping? I would offer the breast if he seems interested. That is what will help your supply get up to the level your baby needs. If the reason you're not offering the breast is to give your nipples a break, you can certainly try a pacifier and see if he will take it. I gave a paci after 4 days and our breastfeeding is going just fine. He might actually want to nurse though, so you will just have to see.
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  • I struggled with this too.  We're at 8 weeks and I started around 5 weeks because I felt he was over eating and spitting up a ton and then also constantly wanting to nurse/suckle.  He still doesn't really like it but he'll take it and it helps him fall asleep a lot of times instead of me holding him at my boob for 30 mins to get him to go down.  

    Go with your gut...  Sometimes for me, he will nurse and get fussy afterwards when tired but doesn't want to comfort nurse so I have to give the pacifier (and basically stuff it in his mouth till he finally sucks and he's like "oh wow this is what I wanted" and calms down right away).  Other times he just wants to be at the book and suckle to comfort.  I have been told by a ton of people that they can't overfeed so even if you offer the breast, he'll eat till he's full and then he'll just comfort suck.  Hope that helps.  Good luck mama!
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  • Mine took a paci at a week old and a bottle at 3 days old and it never messed up anything. It's all about your baby
  • Me-day 2. It comforts him right away.
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