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Any other STM finding that...

Any other STM finding that they are so much more relaxed this time around? I keep reading all these posts about nap times and schedules and how to get them to sleep at a certain time.. and i remember being that way with DD,but this time with DS it's like- whatever... do your thing kid. I feel like things are flowing much better this time around too.
I am also not nearly as much of a germaphobe as with DD.
So what have you relaxed on?

Re: Any other STM finding that...

  • I feel like I've adjusted a lot quicker this time around. When he was first born all those anxious 'I don't know what I'm doing' feelings came back but they quickly left within a few days. I feel much more confident in my abilities to be a parent.

    I was always pretty relaxed about my daughter when it came to worrying about things, and I'm still pretty relaxed about stuff with my son.
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  • I do find I'm different in certain ways, but the same in many others.

    I'm still obsessed with sleep and not knowingly subjecting DD to illness if I can help it.

    I am much more comfortable with DD than I was with DS and feel all around more confident as a mom. 
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  • I am more relaxed overall this time around. With DS I was pretty uptight and stressed out over small stuff. This time I am definitely more laid back. I still try to make sure DD is sleeping and gets her naps, and we don't go out much in the evening just because she usually ends up pitching a fit and it is not fun at all. But in general I take her out a lot more than I took DS out, I don't panic about little things or get all worked up when she cries. And when she keeps me up, I know it will get better so I don't get upset about it.


  • I actually even relaxed more with #1 when #2 came along! I can't be so laser-focused on either of them, and I think frankly now I'm a better mom to them both! DD has grown and matured so much in the last 8 weeks since her brother got here. Last night, she put things away in the kitchen after dinner. (She's 23 mos old.). Before DS got here, I would have worried she would slam her finger in a drawer. But she didn't, and she was so happy and proud to be a helper.
  • We moved during this pregnancy and now have a new pediatrician. My LO's 2 month check up was hilarious to me. All these questions about how many feedings, how long are the feedings, how many pee diapers, poo diapers etc. This is my 3rd kid. The days of logging her every moment are so over! If I have a concern, I'll tell you about it mmmk? ;)

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  • Yes I would say that I have definitely relaxed, I was out and about when he was less then 1 week old, already taking him places, we sit outside (in the shade), we've gone on two shopping adventures with my aunt....

    As far as logging his life, I have two kids to keep up with, can't deal with it all. 
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  • fsumomfsumom
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    The first couple of weeks I was so stressed. My older child is almost 8 though so I feel like a FTM all over again. I am more relaxed in leaving the house than I was with my DD though.

  • Yeah - I think you're right. I find that I am a lot less stressed this time around. I kind of feel like I know what I'm doing and whatever DD "throws" at me, I'll I'll be able to handle. Things just aren't appearing to be as big deal as they were with DS. I do have to say that DD is also a very different baby. It could be because we're not doting on her and freaking out about everything :)
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