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Potty Training

He thinks it's a game!!! HELP!

My 2 1/2 yr old son was doing so great at first, peeing in the potty like a little champ, hadn't done a lot of #2's on the potty, but I figured that would come eventually. Now he thinks it's a hysterical game to say, "Mommy! I go poopy" then to run away from me and make me chase him! Then he tinkles and/or poopies in his undies while he's running away and I have to haul all 30 lbs of him back to the bathroom. I'm 28 1/2 weeks pregnant so chasing him physically hurts now and the fact that he thinks it's a funny game ticks me off to no end. I'm dying over here!!!

I've yelled, gotten firm, offered treats and toys for good behavior, everything and he just thinks it's all super funny. I don't believe in spanking, especially since I'm trying to make "potty time" and enjoyable experience, but I'm at my wits end over here. I just started time outs if he runs away from me when he says he has to go, but that requires me catching him again. He's SO fast....any advice or just someone to co-miserate with would be appreciated!
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Re: He thinks it's a game!!! HELP!

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    Don't chase him.  It's his way to get attention.  When/if he has an accident make him stop whatever he's playing with and clean it up and change his cloths.  Pretty soon he's going to realize that when running from you it's not fun and it takes away his play.  In addition, I would instill potty breaks to limit the mess.  If he hasn't told you after 2 hours, take him.  Take him before meals and nap.  Soon he's going to get tired of being told when to go and start telling you and walking to go.
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  • I agree with all of PP's advice. Also, If he is still running away from you with all of that, the other important thing is to avoid letting him see you getting upset. The reason it's a fun game is because your reactions are funny to him. Remember, kids his age don't have empathy yet, so seeing mommy get pissed off is hilarious. The best thing you can do if you absolutely have to chase him is to keep your face expressionless and your voice flat, and avoid making eye contact or scolding. And yes, I know that what I'm recommending is incredibly difficult, but it will help if you're consistent.
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    Great advice ladies...thank you so much! The potty training stuff is no fun!

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