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How long to use highchair?

How long are you using/planning on using DC's highchair? My DH commented last night that Ashley looked too big for her highchair so I wonder if it is time to get her a booster seat. I admit, it will be nice to put the highchair away, it takes up so much room! What have you all done or plan on doing?


Re: How long to use highchair?

  • We still use it, but use a booster seat too sometimes. ?It just depends on her and our mood and the timing of her eating (if she is eating when we eat - she eats at the table with the booster).

    She does look big in it, but she still likes it, so as long as she is not fighting me, I am going to keep her there for a while. ?It is much easier to clean up than the table :)?

  • We already use it as both.  Like evans said, if he's eating at the table with us, he uses it as a booster.  If he's eating at another time, he uses it as a highchair.  We have a FP Space Saver that can be used as a highchair or booster.  I have no idea how long we'll use it, but probably for at least a year more.

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  • We still use ours. I don't think Brooks would sit still enough for a booster in a restaurant, so I don't want him to get used to being out of the high chair at home yet. Once I think he'll actually sit in one of those boosters in public, then he can use one at home too.
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  • Christian just stopped using his when we moved last month (at 23 months).We have a booster, but he really liked his high chair and it was much easier to keep him in one place and its more sturdy feeling than the booster we have now.

    We finally decided to put it away when we moved becasue our dining room is much smaller than our old eat-in kitchen.?

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