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intro- newlywed TTC

Hi! I'm new here and will start TTC in 7 days! My DH is 33 and I'm 30 and we are ready to get rolling! A little nervous but very excited!
A little about me... I'm a teacher, I love my dog (boxer/English bull mix), I have my own etsy shop where I sell baby/cold/adult goods, I love the beach (we were married by the waves!)
"Where there is love there is life"-Gandhi

Re: intro- newlywed TTC

  • Welcome.
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  • Hello and good luck to you!
       M/C April 2008 @ 14 wks
       BFP June 2008
       DD born February 2009
       Pcos (non insulin resistant)
       Started TFAS February 2014

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  • welcome!  What do you teach?  I teach second grade in the Bay Area :)

  • Welcome!
    Married 3/5/10
    Started TTC Baby #1 6/2014
    BFP #1 7/27/2014 
    EDD 4/3/2014
    IT'S A GIRL! 10/16/14
    Team Pink!

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  • I teach kindergarten <3 sensitivesally... My shop is come visit!
    "Where there is love there is life"-Gandhi

  • Welcome! I am also a teacher! Good luck!
    ***********siggy warning **********

    Me: 26 DH: 27
    TTC #1 Since Aug. 2013
    Cycle 1: O CD 25=bfn
    Cycle 2: O CD 48=bfn
    Cycle 3: Anovulatory/Provera =120 days!
    Cycle 4: Anovulatory/Prometrium=127 days! RE consult 6/16
    Me: Anov/poss. pcos?  HSG=normal/SA= Normal 
    July/Aug. 2014= Femara+trigger+TI=BFP!!
    Beta #[email protected] 16dpo=626!! Beta #2=1510
    Ultrasound @ 5w6d=heartbeat at 110!
    Ultrasound @ 6w6d =heartbeat at 131!

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  • I teach kindergarten <3 sensitivesally... My shop is come visit!
    I admire anyone who can handle teaching Kinders, I know I could never have that much energy.  I joke that teaching Kindergarten should be renamed "taming the savages." 

    PS - The things in your Etsy shop are really cute!

  • Welcome!

    BFP #1 3/22/11- DD Born 11/22/11
    TTC #2 since 11/2013

  • I teach Kinder too! Welcome and good luck!
    DH: 28 Me: 30~TTC #2 since June 2014
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    BFP #1: 8/22/2014~EDD: 5/5/2015~CP: 8/29/2014
    BFP #2: 12/27/2014~EDD: 9/9/2015

    September 2015 Siggy challenge: Happy dance
  • Welcome and good luck!
    ~Married 12.09.12~
    ~NTNP #1 since 11.14 - Current Cycle: 2~

  • @nikki8jean‌ welcome! I might be hitting you up for ideas - I'm taking my primary qualification right now!! :)

    TTGP Jan Siggy Challenge: Workout Fails

    Workout FAIL!. .. actually about 1% of the male population CAN

    So THAT's how you get into baby-making position!



  • Welcome!
    Married 8/14/09
    TTC #1 since 5/2014
    BFP #1 11/14/14 - CP @ 5w2d
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  • Welcome!
    Together since April 2004.  Married since June 19th, 2010.
     BFP #1: January 31st 2012: CP. 
     BFP #2: June 1st 2012, Due:2/8/13. Avery was born via unplanned c section on 2/13/13. 
     BFP #3: Sept. 25th, 2014. Due: 6/5/15.  MMC on 10/23/14. Confirmed complete molar pregnancy per D&C 10/29/14, 
    HCG officially negative 12/10/14.  Benched until June 2015.

  • Welcome!

    Me: 25 DH: 26
    Married 11/12/11
    BFP 12/17/11
    DS 8/29/12 via C-section
    TFAS 3/2014
    BFP #2 5/25/15 EDD 2/4/2016
    It's a BOY!
  • Welcome to the board! Good luck.
    Me - 32 H - 32
    Married July 2009
    TTC#1 since Feb 2013
    RE consult Oct 2013 due to short cycles/light periods
    Dx: Diminished ovarian reserve/unexplained thinned uterine lining
    IVF#1 May 2014 - Follistim/Menopur/Ganirelix - 7R 4M 3F - 1 frosty (4AB)
    IVF#2 August 2014 - Lupron/Follistim/Menopur - 9R 4M 0F
    IVF#3 w/ICSI September 2014 - Follistim/Menopur/Ganirelix - 4R 4M 4F - 1 frosty
    FET#1 Dec 2014 - Lupron/Estrace(transdermal and vaginal)/Viagra/G-CSF wash - Cancelled due to poor lining response
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  • Welcome and good luck! Congrats on your recent marriage :)

    Married since June 2010 | TTC January 2014-July 2014 | BFP #1 - 7/22/14 | EDD - 4/2/15

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  • Welcome!
    TTGP December Siggy Challenge: Favorite Holiday Movie:
    ~Santa Claus is Coming to Town~



    TTC #1: July 2014
    Me: 31  DH: 29
    DX (me): Inborn error of metabolism - protein restriction, metabolic formula & weekly blood tests
    DNA Results (7/1): DH is NOT a carrier for my genetic disorder! 
    7/3: Metabolic clinic gave the green light to TTC - holy crap!
  • Welcome! Fellow teacher here. I teach 3rd grade, but have a lot of respect for anyone that can teach those little cuties! Good luck!


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  • mosdubmosdub member
    Welcome!  I also work in the schools, and I also have a fine arts/craft business!  Love your items on etsy, hope you enjoy your time here! 
    TTC since 5/2014 
    Aug 15 January Siggy Challenge:  Favorite "mean girl" from tv/movies

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