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Swaddling question!

Hey there! I am a long time lurker. :P I was wondering when you guys stopped swaddling your babies? My LO seems to always get his hands out by the end of the night, so I'm pretty sure he's done with the swaddle. Also, what brand of sleeping sacks do you recommend?
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Re: Swaddling question!

  • We stopped swaddling our first right at one month. This baby hasn't tolerated swaddling since she was 5 days old. We just put her in pj's and a wearable blanket.


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    LO just turned 2 months when he kept breaking out of his swaddle.  Unfortunately, he was still too young for us to put him in just a sleep sack... he would startle himself awake with his reflexes.  We ended up getting the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and that has worked really well for him.  
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  • We've never swaddled her arms...just did it from the armpits down. She doesn't like her arms being restrained, so we never bothered with it.
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  • I swaddled DD until she was 3 months an could roll over. I used the Summer swaddles with velcro and also the Halo swaddle sacks.
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  • I don't think their ability to escape has anything to do with how ready they are to stop being swaddled...  We use swaddle me, the velcro is magic!
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  • DS is a Houdini baby, but he NEEDS to be swaddled to sleep, even now at 8 weeks. At least once a night he breaks free. DD, we stopped swaddling by about 4 weeks. See how often your baby startles when you put him down to change. Mine still does the "air hug" almost every time he's laid down. When that reflex wanes, I will stop swaddling. Oh, and we use Swaddle Me. They seem better than others so far. Halo combo sleep sack and swaddle is good,too, but there is so much Velcro it wakes the whole house if DS needs to be fed or re swaddled or changed in the night.
  • Our LO is 3 weeks old he kept breaking out of his swaddled too & love to sleep with his arms up by his face.

    We tried just swaddling from the armpits down, bur his moro reflex kept waking him & upsetting him.

    We use a receiving blanked folded in half length wise & used to swaddle his arms only (wrap around his arms & then tuck the blanket underneath him). This keeps his arms down & then we use ar muslin swaddle blanket. Works wonders!
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    We swaddled DS until he was 4/5 months old. DD2 is on the same track, she loves the swaddle.

    But I agree, something with velcro is the way to go if he busts out but still needs the swaddle!

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