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anyone buy frozen stuff off ebay?

DD loves the plush princess dolls and of course elsa hasn't been available from Disney Store since forever ago...I wanted to get it for her upcoming bday but still no sign  of it on Disney so I checked ebay. The majority of the sellers are indicated as 'from China',  which makes me wonder a little what will arrive in the mail (though since they're probably manufactured there, it is probably the real deal), and I would prefer to buy from a regular ebay seller in the US...but the one seller I found that has it for a price I'm willing to pay has a ton of reviews that look manufactured (like 3 reviews on the same day saying the same exact thing, tons of reviews that just say something like 'awesome' or 'fast shipping!' or whatever).... I never know what to trust on there. 

Has anyone ordered frozen stuff from a seller on there & been happy?

Re: anyone buy frozen stuff off ebay?

  • I was in the same situation.  My daughter wants a elsa doll for her birthday and no luck finding one.  I ended up on ebay and ordered one from Hong Kong.  It just arrived last week and I'm happy with it.  It gave me a 4 week window on when it would arrive but ended up coming within 2 weeks.  I would look at the sellers ratings and go with one that has a high one and also look at the shipping window if you need it by a certain date.

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