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Changing insurance from my DH to my work plan

I am currently on my DH health insurance plan of Super PPO medical mutual of ohio. I have a similar plan at my workplace. I would like to switch both of us to my employer's health insurance plan. We want to ttc as soon as possible but my employer's health plan enrollment opens in November 2014. This makes me worried, since I don't know if a pregnancy will be treated as a pre-existing condition? Whether the bills from my doctor' visit or ultrasounds and lab work will be covered. This has put our ttc plan in limbo since we don't know the answer to this . Has anyone been in this situation before where you entered a health plan during a pregnancy? Were the bills paid by the insurance ( especially med mutual of ohio). Any ideas , inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Changing insurance from my DH to my work plan

  • I am fairly certain that the insurance company can't deny you coverage for a pre-existing coverage if you are buying as part of a group, in this instance your work.  Pretty sure that was a law in Ohio even before the Affordable Care Act.  The insurance makes arrangements with your company to cover the group as a whole, so the individual pre-existing conditions shouldn't matter.  Unless your company has a insurance plan that doesn't cover pregnancy of any employee, you should be fine. You can contact your HR person to doublecheck. 

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