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11 Weeks Pregnant

meat is a turn off

i only eat chicken and fish but lately all meat is seems to make me sick.  i know i need the protein, but i am just not hungry at times.

Re: meat is a turn off

  • Meat is not sounding good to me either. I have been making smoothies with some greek yogurt, fresh berries and then I add Chia seeds, flax seeds to get the omega 3's and protein that I am missing out on from meat.
    I also have been making a lot of bean and quinuoa dishes as a substitute.

    Good Luck!

  • Meat is also my worse nightmare. I'm a little concerned about my baby's health because i have no appetite, and have only been having coconut water, soups, porridge and teas.

     I hear it soon pass but i have lost 2 lbs, good thing is i'm on pre-natal vitamins that will help... 

    Live & Love like it's your last!
  • You just write what I feel! I can eat nothing with meat.... Just patiently waiting until this sickness feeling goes away....
  • There are tons of ways to get protein without eating meat. I was vegan for years while being an athlete I eat everything now, ha ha. but my favorite thing about being vegan was it taught me how to eat low fat protein. Try a spinach smoothie. Spinach with bananas, strawberries, milk, blueberries, it's not bad with all the sweet fruit. And there is always eggs with brown rice, beans try a plain refried bead burrito, it's pretty mild on morning sickness actually most whole wheat bread had a ton of protein. It can be done.
  • I agree with incorporating spinach (or my favorite, kale) into smoothies. I haven't been hungry for veggies like I used to, so I sometimes add 1/4 cup of greens, and even a tablespoon of oatmeal and protein powder. A cup of yogurt mixed with some protein powder and chopped fresh fruits would be a great snack or light lunch that's easy on your stomach.

    Quinoa is another great source of protein, and it can be eaten hot like oatmeal with soy/almond milk with some honey or agave syrup for sweetness.

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  • I am finally starting to be able to eat some meat again. For about 3 weeks I maybe ate a tiny bit of chicken once a week.

    I was worried but with the prenatal vitamins, fresh fruit and leafy veggies, cottage cheese and peanut butter on gramcrackers I felt I might be getting enough. I also could eat raw almonds and other nuts. I think our bodies naturally go through this phase as a way to cope with the nausea and vomiting. It was too hard on my body to digest the meats, much easier to digest breads, fruit and dairy.

    Hang in there!

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  • vom. it.  i am a TOTAL carnivore and I can't stand to even look at it, much less smell or eat it. my fiance on the other hand, has been cooking meat up a storm much to my dismay.  tacos, a ham, then ham and bean soup once he realized i wasn't going to eat any of the ham. he bought a thing of beef last night and told me i needed the iron bc i've been sleeping a lot lately and that he was going to make me a burger for lunch today.  i could not have gagged harder.  i will have a peanut butter sandwich, thank you.
  • Ugh! Seemed like so far this pregnancy steak & chicken were just dry as could be. Fried fish sandwich and some baked salmon was alright. But this week has been NO to a lot of things. All I seem to be able to stomach is fresh fruit and veggies. I ate three salads today, by the third one I was ready to throw out the dressing just because suddenly I didn't like it either. 

    I do typically get some peanut butter into my diet each day. Today and yesterday it was apple slices with peanut butter. Some days I do a PB&J and others I have a toasted english muffin with PB & honey sprinkled with cinnamon & brown sugar.

    In the beginning I ate a lot of pickles and popsicles (I'm lactose intolerant, so guess that was my body's substitute), but I haven't touched those in weeks. Also haven't tolerated eggs at all since this pregnancy started. 

  • I know how you feel! It's a battle just to be hungry for anything lately. I definitely have not been eating enough calories for someone whose pregnant, let alone a non pregnant person. When I do eat I can only stomach children's food like spaghettios. It's ridiculous but it's almost over and at least we have vitamins.
  • dcmaleadcmalea
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one!  Every time I go out with my husband I'm so hungry but then I look at the menu and the only thing that I can even consider are vegetarian foods!  Beef sounds okay, but I like it undercooked which I know I can't have.  I've been finding myself eating a lot of tofu, beans, and greek yogurt.  And fruit.  I cannot seem to get enough fruit.
  • I love cheeseburgers but i cannot eat a steak. Steak was one of my favorite foods before pregnancy.
  • whole wheat eggos with peanut butter and a tiny bit of surup has been a staple for me. I love love love steak and i can't even look at it right now :(

    no chicken no eggs no anything meat related since about 6 weeks. Hopefully it will pass soon.

    Also, my Doc said as long as you are keeping the prenatals down you're getting what you need in the first trimester so heres to PreNatal  gummys!

  • Same here. One night I had to leave the house when my husband was cooking beef. I don't know if I'll ever eat chicken or beef again. For me it's all about the smell. If the smell isn't strong, then I can eat it because I still love fried chicken wings. My husband does all the cooking and I lock myself in my room trying to avoid the smell. No fun :(
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  • pshep11pshep11
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    I thought I was the only one with this problem, even if I take small bites I feel like I want to throw up... ugh well hopefully soon it will pass
  • So glad I'm not the only one. Went from whole hearted carnivore to pretty much a vegetarian haha so weird. But I am good about getting protein in other ways so not too worried.
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