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No poop in 2.5 days :(

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HI ladies - DS used to poop once or twice a day, regularly. All of a sudden, she stopped :( She is clearly uncomfortable, her tummy grumbles, but no poop. When this happened the first time, we did the thermometer in the butt trick and that helped. However, it's now the 3rd day and she still hasn't pooped. The thermometer trick is not working.

Any tips here? I called the pedi, he said that around 4-6 weeks babies may change their pooping pattern and some babies do skip days, but that's not helping. He also recommended Karo Syrup, but I Googled that and the Mayo Clinic says that remedy does not work with newer formulations of Karo. 

Any advice? I'm doing other research now, but hopefully you can help with some tips that helped your LOs. And FYI - DD is EBF. Is it something I'm eating?

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Re: No poop in 2.5 days :(

  • It's not uncommon for EBF babies to go 7-10 days between poops. They can use almost everything in breast milk so there's just not as much waste. DD went 10-14 days between poops for almost a year. They did start to get more frequent when we started solids. Even now (at 2.5) she doesn't always poop every day. Try not to worry about it.
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  • my LO went from pooping 3 times a day to none for about 4 days. on the 4th day there was a biiiig one.  as long as LO is passing gas and having regular wet diapers i would just patiently wait. i know it's easier said than done as i had the same exact worries.

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  • Thanks so much, ladies - and SHE POOPED :):) 
    You are right, I spent a lot of time reading and it's very common for 4-6 week old babies, particularly those that are EBF, to miss days while their digestive system adapts.
    Thanks again!
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  • Yep - my DD is 10 weeks EBF and only poops once a week. Breastmilk is very digestible and efficient, there isn't a lot of waste so the pooping can really slow down.
  • My pediatrician told me yesterday doNOT give babies Karo syrup cause it can cause botchalism which will cause them to stop breathing. He said use 1-2 oz odd undiluted grape juice.
  • LO's poop pattern changed a few weeks ago. Her norm is now every 3 days. The only time I've done a suppository (per doctors orders) was when LO was screaming/crying/grunting with discomfort. Some babies poop once a week!
  • I recommend you to look for a second medical opinion.
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